stressing about:

- finals/schoolwork
- housing situation for the summer
- my audition tonight
- moving out & in
- being a good person
- traveling alot
- working

basically everything. But despite the stress, today I am choosing to just be happy.

   I am totally auditioning for a musical tonight guys! It's been since Sophomore year of high school that I've done an audition and I am freaking out. I've decided to sing "My New Philosophy" from You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. 

   Hoping to channel my inner Kristin Chenoweth/Lea Michele. I have no idea how the theater department here works. Does everybody get cast? Do they record the auditions so they can laugh at me later? Are they looking to add some ethnic flair to their cast? My best bet is to be the most enthusiastic, sassiest Sally Brown I can, despite a lack of (recent) experience. I'll keep you posted on that. 
   One more cool thing! Today at the Den I met two people that had just moved to Tennessee from California! This is a novelty! I love talking to random people that I'm somehow connected to. Actually even without the connection I like talking to them :)

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