weekend update: i should be studying

    I may as well just re-name my blog "I Should Be Studying." Not a bad idea, actually. I don't think anyone would believe me if I said I was really prepping for finals all weekend though. And I totally wasn't.

I started packing up for home/summer home/next semester's home and for the first time in my college career, I am not stressed!
First to go was my wall decor. These came off my bulletin board: Mindy Kaling's cover of Entertainment Weekly (obvi), a picture of my sisters and I at Filoli gardens, and a ceramic (?) bow I stole (on a dare) from Buca. 

Saturday night we grilled out with my good friends...cheese dogs. Hot dogs, which I love, with cheese INSIDE. No, seriously. They are amazing. Oh and my other friends!
Yes, my hair days are back to normal. To be fair, this was post-run.
Loved hanging out with these girls, my cool friend Brynn and her COOL friend Holly! 

Am I the only person that tries to see what their tortilla ship is shaped like? Usually I just do states but then the craziest thing happened: I found this chip shaped EXACTLY like Yoda's head! 
This is real life guys. A chip of epic proportions. So I put it on the fridge, next to my twin brothers.

Today between more studying (and taking tests online...gross) and packing, we drank Pomegranate Limeaide from TJ's in our Redneck Wineglasses 
And broke into these bad boys on the porch swing.

    Still trying to finish everything before I leave to go home on Wednesday morning and then to Finland on Thursday! 

    I'm really feeling the love on my blog guys! So thanks, it's been alot of fun. And I'll do my best to keep it good...so keep reading. 

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