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sunglasses- H&M, necklace- F21, t-shirt- Hanes via Target, shirts- Imogene + Willie via Shel, shoes- Keds via Carina
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So I've been on a really simple kick for the last few weeks.
And as I've been ranting about on the blog, sometimes in the summer, nothing feels better than 
a classic shorts + t-shirt combo
(not to mention this is usually the most comfortable thing to wear to work).

I've seen about a million pictures on Pinterest/other blogs of dressing up a t-shirt with a glam necklace,
and decided it was definitely time to try it!
I think it works so well, because it's so unexpected.
This t-shirt is probably the last thing you would wear a diamond (OK, faux) necklace with,
and that is why I just adored the combo.

Here's the story behind these shorts, that I've been wearing waaaay too much:
my always-cool housemate worked at imogene + willie for a time,
those of you not from Nashville: literally the coolest denim boutique you will ever see,
so naturally when she offered me a pair of misfit returned jeans, I jumped at the chance.
Well they didn't fit, at all. Not when I rolled them, cuffed them, belted them, started to cut them...
and I don't trust myself with DIY projects AT ALL.
But there I was in my room, no one to stop me, scissors furiously flying,
and I kept cutting, and cutting, and cutting,
until I realized my jeans had turned into the most fabulous pair of high-waisted shorts.

Fast-forward to about a week later (actually this very day when I wore this outfit) 
when none other than the Willie to the Imogene (1/2 owner of the shop)
comes into my restaurant, looks at me over the counter, and says,
"How long have you had your jeans?"
I was of course terrified that he was going to tell me I sucked and ruined a pair of $200 jeans.
I sputtered out this quick story about Shelby and the jeans not fitting and cutting them, 
to which he replied,
"Well they look really cute." Signed his receipt. Walked away.
Left me feeling like I was winning at life! 

So, thank you Matt Eddmenson,
for instilling me with confidence and inspiring me to forever rock these 
second-hand DIY imogene + willie shorts.

That's all for today! 


Nataly said...

this is SO CUTE. I love wearing simple jeans + t shirts + beautiful necklaces. I wish I did it more! I truly love this outfit! Your hair is looking gorgeous tooooo!!!

joy said...

LOVE how you cut the jeans into shorts, it looks great! Especially with the pretty necklace+laid-back t shirt combo. Pinterest can be so inspiring, I can spend hours pinning away, hahaha :)

Larissa said...

I really really like your shirt! And its nice that you made some shorts yourself... I have to admit that I am always afraid of cutting pants :)
Beautiful outfit!!!

Lots of love!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

hHahahaha your jeans turned into shorts look amazing!! Kudos to you for being brave enough to actually cut them, I don't know if I would trust myself to do something like that. I love the way you wore them with the laid back tee and the glam necklace too!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love this necklace! and i do think it's so cute to dress up a tshirt with a statement necklace, it worked so well here!

lindsey louise


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

you are too stinking CUTE! And I'm loving your hair all grown'd out!

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is GREAT. I really like this outfit, especially with that beautiful necklace. :)

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