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shirt (cut from dress): Urban Outfitters, cardigan: H&M from Carina, coat: Old Navy, jeans: F21, boots: Frye

Hey there! Here's my first look from my trip to Canada this past week. I think I've mentioned (more than once...) that it was really, very, cold and snowy. I had to carry this coat on the plane both ways since it was SO hot in Nashville when I left, but I lived in it all week. 

I was happy to get more use of it, since although I've wanted a "military-button" style coat forever, this one pretty much took over my life this past Winter. I needed a coat that would go with everything I packed, since I wore it all week. This dark charcoal gray fit the bill! I layered it up with a neutral colored cardigan (wore that all week...seeing a trend there?). Was more about survival than being fashion-forward.
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Another live-in for the week: my Frye boots! When I posted about them last time, someone asked if they lived up to the hype. I would say- they are exactly what I wanted in a pair of brown boots. I really love the color and style of them, and though time will tell, they seem to be extremely good quality.
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This "top" is the reincarnation of this dress and one of four pieces I gave to my mom to give new life. Now I'm regretting any time I've ever gotten rid of a dress that was too short, instead of cutting it to make a top! I mean, four new tops, instantly. This one is especially perfect because the cut of the dress resulted in a subtle peplum blouse. 
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cold, crazy eyes

I wore this on our second day in Canada, when we traveled from Edmonton to Calgary to Banff, where we spent a couple days. We took the four hour trip at a leisurely pace, stopping to visit the Calgary tower and have lunch with a couple of my parent's friends. Once we got to Banff, Mom & I took off to explore the town- it is darling! 
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This is the Fairmont Banff Springs, where we snuck around back to take some photos! Pretty awesome, huh? It looks like a castle from the outside, and has the plush interior to match! Mom & I walked around inside trying to look swanky and like we could possibly be guests at such a beautiful place.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend most of the week trying to figure out which hotel in Banff they stayed at during Sean's season of The Bachelor (remember Tierra- the polar plunge drama? The hot springs? That was all in Banff!)
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Also huge shout-out to my mom who was an awesome walking buddy and photographer to me all week! Since I just missed Mother's Day, I won't brag on her too much (for now) but I will say: the swimsuit she packed for the trip was one she bought when she was 15 (which I may or may not have stolen/inherited and it is a vintage dream.) Yeah, seven kids later...GO mom!

Stay tuned this week for more Canada outfits/snowy pictures and eventually a dissertation of how I packed for the trip! 

Stay sweet, friends. 


Unknown said...

Holy Hell! That Castle is awessssome! and I like the coat you choose! :) Very cute top too :D

Chelsea Oliver said...

That castle is so cool!! I love your look too, especially the coat! Though I'm very happy that it's finally spring here and I don't need a winter coat anymore lol


Alexa said...

you look so pretty priya <3 and that coat is lovely...looks like it kept you warm too! It sounds like you had a great trip...Ill be interning this summer at this company called retail next...I start next week so that'll take up most of my time!

Alexa <3

Priya said...

that's awesome Alexa! I haven't heard of them, but you are gonna have so, so much experience by the time you're out of college! you've already done at least one internship right? waaaay ahead of where I was as a freshman! go girl.

Kristian said...

Okay. So- the outfit- lovely. I love those boots and that coat! Who cares if you lived in them all week when they are the perfect item(s)?

Also- what a cool hotel. This sounds like a great trip you and your mom went to. Also- I did't realize you have six siblings. Fun to find out more about the girl behind the blog.

Alissa said...

Yay! You're back. First that trip sounds like it was a blast and that hotel looked incredible! Second, your entire family is gorgeous!

R's Rue said...

Love the look

Ashley said...

You look gorgeous and so fashionable for dressing for cold weather! Canada looks gorgeous - I want to go someday!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

I LOVE your coat!!! It's a perfect color and design, very classy.

Oh, and I totally agree. There's only so much fashion-forward thinking going on when it's that cold and you just want to be warm. I'm in love with your Fryes. I'm so glad you got them and like them. Are those the Bailey Button boot?

Priya said...

thanks Kristian! good to know I haven't been annoying and talked about my fam too much, sometimes I'm worried I have!

Priya said...

thank you Alissa, that is so sweet!

Priya said...

you are too kind, THANKS!

Priya said...

they are the Frye Melissa Button boots

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