Giving Thanks For Last Week

I'm back from a wonderful week-ish in California, feeling so thankful for what I have there. I even got a bonus night on Sunday, after getting to the airport and basically being sent home because getting back to Nashville that night was not an option. But I didn't have to spend the night at the airport, for which I am so thankful. Could have been much worse!
 photo Thanksgiving1_zpsf59f0100.jpg
I'll kick this off this some selfies, L-R: 
1. So Jacqui got engaged, first and foremost. These fantastic (& delicious) cookies were at the party.
2. And so was I! I flew in and went straight to Jacqui's grandma's house to be a part of the surprise.
3. Loved seeing Jacqui's sweet and hilarious entire family (including those brothers :)
4. Katie & Carissa did a legendary job coordinating everything, and I loved being with them too! 
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How cute is this newly-engaged couple?? I was so so happy to be there to celebrate them (as I keep saying, I always miss stuff like this being so far away!) Jacqui & Matt I love you guys and hooray!! 
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Another thing I keep saying: weddings I've attended feel like they're on a target, circling closer and closer and now they're really in my inner circle (it sounds less bleh when I'm doing the hand motions instead of actually writing it out. Anyway.) Really excited to watch my dear friend Jacqui get married. And you heard it here first, girl will throw a wedding. Can't wait to see it. 
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Spent a day in Santa Cruz with my mom and Galina. One of my favorite places on earth. 
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Sole picture from Thanksgiving, which included lots of eating (duh), lots of snuggling, lots of games, and lots of long beautiful hair, amiright? Guests of honor included: Marisol, my brother Coren's b-e-a-utiful and so nice I want to cry girlfriend, and Sabina, my Indian cousin who recently started university in Washington. I love you both and am so happy we could hang! 
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I spent a good amount of time in San Francisco, yet to be topped as my favorite city in the world. Sunday night Carina & I saw Sky Ferreira (very talented and even more weird. Can't stop listening to her since. Check out Locked in my Bedroom.) We spent the day there on Friday, and I was back Saturday for more hanging with my little peanut and seeing Vance Joy (he is absolutely precious. You've heard Riptide, check out Winds of Change.) Time spent with peanut also included loads of good food and drinks, lots of walking it off, and her cleaning out her closet :D sisters are dope. 
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Friday we stopped by Fort Point ^. I never go home without seeing something new. And that is why California is awesome.  
 photo IMG_6891_zpsefa638e7.jpg
My crew! L-R: Tuppy, me, Mom, Galina, Peanut, Coren, Sabina. Beautiful day in the city.
 photo Thanksgiving2_zps11fbd334.jpg
L-R: 5. Tuesday night with my best girls, a pomegranate, some champagne, and In-N-Out. Best.
6. I got to see Rachel twice! Love this girl!! Next time I hope to see her on a visit to Denver.
7. That time that Katie and I showed up wearing matching outfits. Girl has good taste.
8. I miss this already! Jenae doing what she does best!

I could've used another week to soak it all up (warm weather, funny friends, family, Mom pampering me, staying up late and feeling good enough to wake up early #jetlag.) Important to note that while I saw all my best, priority friends, I also got to see a few people I hadn't seen in years (Melissa, Hannah, Carissa, Amy...anyone I'm forgetting!) Such a good thing.

And now I'm adjusting back to real life and trying to get into Christmas mode. I really don't know how some people are so on top of things, I'm in awe! I'm busy making plans for our #palohaChristmas2014 (in Hawaii with my fam!) which is only 15 days away! Uh, wut? 

Hope you all are well and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving! 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and Congrats to your friend.

Rachel Morrison said...

Well Oriya, you are the coolest girl I know. Great blog you have here.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

It sounds like you had such a great week in Cali for Thanksgiving! It's so great to see old friends and be pampered by the parents. I bet the weather was pretty nice too. You just missed all the rain! Oh man, Christmas in Hawaii will be epic! What a fun way to celebrate the holiday!

Larissa said...

Wow, this really looks like a great week! Ive never been to California and I would love to visit some day! And you and your entire family are going to Hawai for Christmas? Oh man, LUCKY YOU! What a great idea and how much fun to just escape the cold and get some sun on Christmas eve :)
Thank you a lot for your comment on my pregnancy :) we are sooooo happy over here :)

Priya said...

Raymooooo thank you!! I don't know why I didn't get more pictures with you last week :( miss you already!

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