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Friday, June 30

a pretty good representation of my month
LIFE: This June was a month where my suitcase lived on the floor of my room. Not to mention, a great one!
+ #26DaysofPriya | Most notably, I turned 26! You know, it was a really good birthday. I was determined to find a small way to celebrate myself every day for 26 days, and thus #26DaysofPriya was born. We can talk more about why I did this in case anyone wants to give me shit, but in a word, because I'm single. Ultimately the project was less intentional then I intended (you know, weekdays get busy and I was writing things down in retrospect) but a few examples: slept in with no alarm, bought a birthday dress, got my hair blown out, birthday cake milkshake, went to the beach, bought myself flowers, went to a bar alone, wasted time, and bought fancy groceries. Specifically the point was NOT to spend money or buy something every day. It was cool.
+ small goals | I accomplished: getting on my own health insurance (!), renewing my driver's license, and #26DaysofPriya. I did not book our Airbnb for Christmas, replace my tires, decide if I should go see Britney Spears or Chance the Rapper, or start #26DaysofNOTPriya (yet.) I'm starting on July 1. Stay tuned for that next month!
+ fitness | After finishing 16 weeks of the Bikini Body Guide last month, I started it again- same exact thing, just plugging in weights wherever possible. I'll keep you posted as to whether doing it twice in a row (like a cheapskate) works. 12 weeks from the start of June should have me finishing in perfect time to go to Italy (and eat bread and cheese for a week!) I'm actually planning a full cleanse in August, details to come.

BLOGGED: My blog this month was all style and travel, which doesn't feel like"real life", but I guess it was!
+ Here's how I spent my 26th birthday, we went to Chicago for a long weekend, I took a mid-week trip to Charleston with Jacqui, and just returned from a long wedding weekend in California.
+  This outfit post is basically just about my brother Amir, here's a Varsity Girlfriend combination that hasn't let me down yet, a 70's inspired outfit for Spring, and a look I'm calling "Island Hipster Joanna Gaines."
BEAUTY: still in a beauty-obsessed phase for sure, but happy to report I didn’t buy anything this month!
+ Another new Wet n Wild fave: shimmer palette in Boozy Brunch (I like to say, what’s actually better: a boozy brunch or Boozy Brunch?) This stuff is GOLDEN & gives an amazing glow from cheekbones to temples (you can’t/don’t need to put it anywhere else!) Bonus: leopard print. More recent Wet n Wild faves here.
+ Finally perfected my brows with a 3 step method (not partial to any products, they’re all the same to me): I tame with a tinted spoolie (I like the NYX Brow), fill in at the “corners” with a pencil (currently a random Pacifica one), & finish with a quick one-two swipe of powder (the e.l.f. kit has a gel & powder for a cool $3!) Fab brows in 3 minutes!
+ Going to the beach, pool, and blow-drying my hair left things feeling rough. For the first time ever, I deep conditioned my hair over night! It left it noticeably softer and better looking, but also noticeably dirtier faster. :)
+ I’ve also become obsessed with the idea of a DIY body scrub and masque. If you have a recipe you love to make, please share it with me!
JuneShopping SHOPPING: So I got a lot this month (it was my birthday & some were gifts) and I swapped my Summer clothes in my closet, SO: I have a lot. Planning to FREEZE in July. Wish me luck!
+ gingham dress | I was super excited to shop at Zara in Chicago, "just for a birthday dress" (worn here!)
black trousers | I cannot WAIT to wear these! I tried them on a whim, they are unlike anything I own & badA.
+ day dress | you know I love a day dress! Stripey, oversized, also from Zara, & perfection. (But not online? Sorry.)
floral jacket | Saw this in the store & LOVED it but thought it was so unpractical. Then I came home & ordered it!
+ Rifle Paper Co. + Keds | Also told myself no more novelty sneakers, but these are too pretty & I've been waiting!
+ beaded tassel earrings | Part one of a birthday present from Old Navy, and my new go-to earrings.
+ black swing dress | I own this dress in red-orange and have been waiting to get it in black too! A perfect day dress.
+ ban.do duffel | Literally sold a Vera Bradley duffel on Poshmark and immediately ordered this cuter one (on sale!)
+ floral flats | I watched these for months and they arrived at the tale end of May. And they're sold out, sorry :/

The Keepers | I can't recommend this Netflix original series because it's good, but it is definitely compelling and you won't be able to stop watching. Trigger warnings for basically anything traumatizing.
Witness - Katy Perry | Did you know that I consume celeb gossip like a delicious treat and thissss albummm has been like a Coca Cola on Christmas Day?! I suppose I’m just referring to Swish Swish there. But the rest of the album is all club beats. Hey Hey Hey is a feminist anthem I love and work out to.
Melodrama - Lorde | I'll be the first to say this album took me a few listens to get into, but, woah. We already all love Lorde, but this captures moody young love perfectly. Homegrown Dynamite is hot fire that I'm listening to on repeat. Amir & Carina argue The Louvre is the best track (whatever).
Gone Now - Bleachers | I was so excited for this album to come out! Bleachers is probably the best feel good music, and just in time for Summer! My favorite track so far is Let's Get Married.
~feeling myself~ | Just like you, sometimes I get down on myself. I made this playlist to cheer me up in a pinch, also a fantastic, empowering playlist to workout to!
P.S. Follow me on Spotify!

+ Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Carina lent me this book and advised I read it next because it has a "strong female lead." Adichie is an incredible writer, no doubt about it, and the story definitely appeals to the hopeless romantic in me. Big plans to finish it this weekend.
+ Man Repeller by Leandra Medine | I've been a lukewarm fan of MR for years, but have recently become really obsessed with Leandra's style. I didn't know she wrote a book (thanks Emily!) and promptly checked this out from the library. So far, she is zany, and I'm loving it.
Untitled NASHVILLE: I thought it’d be fun to add in a couple fun things I did locally in June!
+ Chinese Lantern Festival | This was randomly at the fairgrounds and absolutely mesmerizing.
+ Verticity | Nashville's answer to SoulCycle. I have a friends that go religiously, so I went to class this month! It was such a great, hard, inspiring workout, and they just opened a brand new studio!
+ Sinema | I still have never eaten here, but it's my new favorite Happy Hour! They have amazing food and drink specials (including a cocktail of the day- I had a blueberry whiskey one) AND jazz on Monday nights!

How was June for you? I hope you enjoyed my birthday month, too. Share all your favorites with me, below!

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Island Hipster Joanna Gaines

Thursday, June 29

| hat: Nashville flea market {similar} | jacket: vintage {similar} | pins: ban.do / vintage / Draplin Design Co. | jumpsuit: Old Navy {similar} | clog sandals: Target {similar} | lip: Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Whisper

I like to keep things real around here, so the outfits I share are ones I actually wear (for better or for worse!) and then I like to overshare regarding how they came about.

So here’s what happened:

On a Thursday night, I got to go to a Southwest + Chase secret show, by my all-time favorite musician, because sometimes life is cool. It was like my birthday party and wedding and idealized best life scenario that I dreamed up when I was 12, all rolled into one rustic barn. Here I am chatting with Andrew after the show like a total loony, in this photo I am literally saying “I met you at your show last Summer and I’m sorry I was such a dork!” I could be a professional fan girl. Also he is a really nice guy and that makes me an even bigger fan! But it’s totally platonic and an appreciation of his work. Andrew is happily married to Kelly and has a daughter named Cecelia. Here’s a playlist I made of his best work, imho, yw.

ANYWAY I had these big dreams of coming home and washing my hair (lol, that always loses first) and packing, but what actually happened was that I woke up on Friday like “Who am I? Was it all a dream?” and OH, I need to fly to California in 2 hours.

So then I put on all these clothes: hat for the hair I didn’t wash- check. Clunky shoes I want to wear to the wedding- check. Black jumpsuit that will transition from the plane to In-N-Out with my dad to a girl’s night- check. Can someone tell me how to fell about this outfit? Anyone? Carina? Is this hott mess express or just all over the place enough to look ~*styled*~

And then my bfflybff Steph was all “should I charge my camera so we can take some photos for your blog?” And I was like “giiirrrllll you tryna be best friends??” Before we took these, we also did an instructional beauty session (I was literally like “now WHERE should I be putting blush on my face?”) I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, hopefully I can do this by myself later. The people in my life KNOW how to LOVE me. It is a beautiful thing.

I was so idk about this outfit, but wasn’t gonna say NO to some blog pics, you know? I’d like to have a verdict by the time I’m posting these pictures and looking back at it. The only actual outfit notes I have are: I bought this hat for $1 at the flea market and I have yet to spend a better dollar, and isn't this jacket amazing?? I think an oversized Levi's jacket is best found at a vintage store/market (where I found mine) so keep your eyes peeled! I am obsessed, 100%.

I’ve also been consuming just about as much Man Repeller/Leandra Medine’s style as I possibly can, and this is another blog post all together, but I’ve been thinking about her when I get dressed. Half of the things she wears ARE outlandish, and I can’t say I would wear them; but i LOVE that there’s a concept and a look behind it. I respect that. And the thing that’s most apparent is she wears what she truly WANTS and does not G A F.

What is the concept and the look behind this outfit? Maybe something like “How is it possible that my friends are having babies and I can hardly take care of myself?” Just kidding. Maybe like island hipster Joanna Gaines. What do you think?

Shop the look below if you are into “Island Hipster Joanna Gaines”!
By the way, this is what I actually look like: 

Weekend Update: CBM

Wednesday, June 28

I think I have finally and aptly named the phenomenon that happens to me every time I go home: California Blackout Mode. I spend like four days squeezing in as much as possible, not including sleep, running from one festivity to the next, all over the Bay Area, I can’t even look at my phone let alone respond to a text message, and by the end my eyes are completely glazed over. These trips aren’t particularly relaxing, but I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for a girl’s night with Steph and Katie (after stopping at In-n-Out on the way home from the airport, and an impromptu shoot- photos to come!)

Then on Saturday, after Amir did the BBG with me in the backyard (!), we loaded up and headed to the beautiful Carmel Valley for Anjali’s wedding! We came up with a family hashtag on the way (guess whose idea this was): #NPPP, No Pappu Party Poopers. Really we stopped at our Airbnb and got ready at lighting speeds and then sped over to the venue.

Anjali and Mike’s wedding was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to, and included a really special ceremony done by Anjali’s aunt (who I guess has also known me since I was little?), and of course one little peanut bridesmaid. It was actually super fun to be there with a great combination of my family, and hang with Anjali’s whole extended family. After the loveliest garden party dinner (and I could not get over the flowers) we danced the night away! I even got my mom on the dance floor for Uptown Funk which was legendary (her response: “I FEEL CRAZY.”)

On Sunday we headed back (stopping at Pleasure Pizza, my favorite institution in Capitola), I think everyone took a magnanimous nap (?) and then it was saris on for round TWO in San Jose! The highlight of which was the Indian “Flash Mob” dance lessons, no question. I want this at my wedding. I now have new moves to bring back to the club.

Finally, I had breakfast with Jenae early Monday morning, worked remotely from the city, and had a SuperPAC dinner (at Leo’s Oyester Bar)/drinks (at Whitechapel) with Carina and Amir (and saw Carina’s new apartment and got some new jeans!) It was such a beautiful day in San Francisco and I loved walking around so much. I totally fell asleep on Carina’s couch on Monday night. And headed back to Nashville Tuesday morning.

Congratulations Anjali & Mike! I would not have missed those festivities (more on her bachelorette party in Nashville and why I wanted to attend the wedding!)

Ok. Last trip of the month, over and out. If you’re looking for me, I will be sleeping.

70's Spring

Thursday, June 22

KQ2A9784KQ2A9789KQ2A9799 2KQ2A9783KQ2A9787
| earrings: vintage via Nashville flea market {similar} | lipstick: Wet n Wild in Purty Persimmon | blouse: vintage {similar} | skirt: Gap {similar} | sandals: Target {similar} | mani: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark |

this is officially my last Spring outfit, promise! view outfits by season: Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter

If this top has never made it on my blog before...I'll eat my hat! It's one of the best vintage finds ever, that I can't take credit for because I literally picked it out of an etsy shop when I won a giveaway. I can't find anything like it on the internet, of course (I mean it exists I just don't know how to find it) but the style really reminds me of the fabled Madewell Courier shirt (it comes in white / chambray / stripey / the cutest print.) 

This entire outfit felt like a vintage dream! I was serving some 70's realness, what with these "clogs" (they are not actually wooden and more like sandals), full midi skirt, and my button-up. 

Oh, and my flea market earrings that you can't see because of all this hair! A very sweet reader recently asked me the secret to the volume in my hair, which is...genes? That's literally all I see when I look at these photos. SO MUCH volume! I literally wash my hair, air dry it, style it with my pillow and cross my fingers. That's it.  

All I've blogged about this month is style and travel, which is...cool, but I always start to feel a little antsy when that happens! Just because, although that has been the majority of what I've been up to, there's also a lot of real life happening. I don't know that I've ever had a month where I've made as many trips as I have lately, but there's still the normal day-to-day: working hard at my main hustle, various side-hustles (you know how I do), trying to figure out being 26, not fun stuff that everyone has to do, lots of hanging, and #26DaysofPriya (can you hardly wait for me to tell you about that??) 

Anyway, how's Summer treating you so far? I'd love to hear from you if you're reading!! 

I am headed back to California tomorrow (the last trip of the month. Seriously.) for Anjali's wedding! Catch you on the flipside and in the meantime, stay in touch via Twitter & Insta!

shop the look below! (sorry this was as close as I could find!) 

A Mid-Week in Charleston

Monday, June 19


Last week I did an experiment called "can I go on vacation from Tuesday to Thursday and then work on Friday?" The results: NOPE. Friday was so brutal. Not complaining at all, but I think I was a bit too optimistic.

Jacqui flew into Nashville on Monday evening, and on Tuesday morning, we hit the road for Charleston just as early as we could muster (after, you know, minimal sleep the night before.) Having one of my best girlfriends to myself for a few days was nothing short of an absolute TREAT. I can't remember the last chance we had to spend that much time together.

And Charleston is just such a dream, and the perfect destination for a girl's trip (we are already plotting our next one, btw. I'd love to go back to Miami or check out Sedona, AZ!) I hadn't been to Charleston since Andrea's bachelorette party a couple years ago, and we did not run out of things to do! We packed our 2.5ish days pretty full, but things were also somewhat low-key (I'm talking I was in bed snoozing by 10:30pm both nights!)

We snuck in some beach time (on Sullivan's Island), pool time (at the wonderful Mills House Hotel that was so perfect for us!), oysters, the "Dark Side of Charleston" tour (lol! But I would totally recommend it) and of course about a million selfies on Rainbow Row.

Love you, Jacqui! Thanks for being a dream of an adventure companion.

Oh P.S. We basically referenced the Gal Meets Glam Charleston Guide the whole time, and it was great! We had dinner at The Ordinary and Le Farfalle, (both incredible), dessert at The Darling (my key lime pie was a highlight of the entire trip), coffee at Black Tap, and breakfast on our way out at The Daily (so great!) Would absolutely recommend the guide if you are headed to Charleston!

Varsity Girlfriend

Thursday, June 15

| sunnies: stall in London {similar} | earrings: Madewell- sold out! {similar} | tee: Old Navy {basically exact!} | jeans: Urban Outfitters- still available and seriously the best | heels: Report via Nordstrom Rack | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Rebel Rose |

click the item name for additional wears on the blog/brand or retailer to shop exact or similar!

Nutella and peanut butter. Simon and Garfunkel. These jeans and these heels. Just another example of a timeless combination that never ever lets me down. (And I can't stop wearing!!!)

A sister I will not name (whose name rhymes with Catinka) borrowed these heels while we were in Chicago. It's always fun to lend and borrow stuff when you're with your sisters, but after Galina stomped around in these for an entire night, I was a little :O. But that's when I realized, these are the kind of heels I will buy again right away after they fall apart, because they are that great: super comfy AND they go with everything! I think if you can fill your closet with pieces like that, that you would immediately replace if you had to, then you are doing it right.

If I could do one nice thing for everyone in the world, I would buy them all a pair of these jeans. I just think it would alleviate a lot of conflict and unhappiness and anxiety over what to wear. Once again, you don't have use my **affiliate link** but you do have to buy this jeans. And you're welcome.

And while you're reading this, I'm making my way back from a mid-week vacation in Charleston with Jacqui! Just in time to finish up a Friday for the weekend in Nashville #summerhours. All examples of me living my best life. I hope it's been a best life week for you, too, and thanks for reading!

shop the look below!

Behind Every Great Blogger...

Monday, June 12

| lipstick: Urban Decay Vice in Tampered | hoops: Target {similar} | purse: Kate Spade {similar} | sunnies: Primark {similar} | dress: boutique {similar} | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens {exact, with low heel} |

Hi! My little brother Amir is the most pure human. When he arrived at our Airbnb in Chicago (it was a super cool photographer’s studio/loft), he commented "Well this space is great! And I love the yard! It'd be great for some blog photos!" I mean, does the guy know me? Behind every great blogger...

Other recent instances of being #obsessedwithAmir (yes, I do use this hashtag) include his description of a craft fair he went to in San Francisco with Carina as "walking through Pinterest but in real life" and the dismayed playlist (and subsequent dissertation via text) I came across on Spotify called "The Taylor that I used to know". I saw it at work and laughed for a good five minutes. Never change, Amir! 

To be honest, when I was younger, having a lot of siblings kinda blew; but now that I'm a mature adult (lol) I realize it is TRULY my best resource! And I'm not just talking about the blog photos! My siblings, all six of them (plus a new sis) are the best reason I will ever have for someone to date me. I'm going off the rails and could write an entire blog post about this. But I just really love them.

So anyway, one last little memory from my Pri-birthday trip to Chicago! I wore this for the conclusion of Priya-Saturday, that we spent brunchin', museumin' (this is not working), strollin', having dinner at Girl and the Goat, and then playing ping-pong at Parson's and eating cookies at Scofflaw! I wore these clogs all weekend long, and it's like I was telling my sister Galina (formerly, not a clog lover) you WILL love clogs after you wear them walking around (and playing ping-pong!) for hours and still feel ok. They really are the comfiest heels to wear. I am a clog evangelist. 

I found this dress at a local boutique (love language alert!), and though initially on the rack, it looked a little too bohemian for my taste, I tried it on and loved it! That open tie back tho! It's is currently on loan to Carina, which further affirms the purchase. She asked if she could take it home for a while, and I knew I had made the right decision because she has super picky, spot-on style. 

So this week is a little wacky for me because Jacqui is flying into Nashville tonight, and we are taking off to Charleston for a few days! Isn't it funny when vacations come at the perfect time? I'll be back to real life on Friday, just in time for the weekend :) I'm not complaining. But I do have a lot to do. TTYL

thanks Amir for scouting out this backdrop (because he's the cutest) and taking these pictures!

Weekend Update: Assorted Pappus in the Windy City

Thursday, June 8


Highlights of my "Pri-birthday" weekend in Chicago:

+ HAMILTON | Have I mentioned recently that I am a musical theater aficionado? And that this was, actually what spurred this whole trip, not being able to get tickets for Hamilton in SF? The show was actually incredible; I laughed, I cried, and if you have a chance to see it, you absolutely must. Even if you're not a musical theater or American history enthusiast, and if you're both, just forget it!

+ Deep dish + Rosé + leisurely getting ready + mirror selfies | We spent an entire Friday afternoon doing this, before:

+ Architecture boat tour | I love history and Chicago is FULL of it. And, boasts the "birth of the skyscraper" fun fact! This was just so cool, and I would completely recommend it, especially if you can hit the twilight tour on a beautiful early Summer's eve.

+ A bloody mary with a grilled cheese sandwich in it | As evidenced by the photo of me stalking my prey, above. Saturday morning brunch was at Rhyme or Reason which is a 70's inspired "retro eatery" and my dream come true. 

+ Ping-pong with the best doubles partner | We spent Saturday evening (after dinner at Girl and the Goat) at Parson's, home of the frozen negroni, and a pretty amazing patio complete with ping-pong table, which naturally Amir & I made a beeline for! We played a few games of singles and then proceeded to clean house in doubles. When we had nothing else left to do ;) we went to Scofflaw for cookies at midnight, because I had some unfinished redemptive business to take care of. P.S. Parson's is coming to Nashville this Fall and I'll be there when it opens! 

+ Sunday with my sweetest cousin, Sabina! | Who catered to my every whim and stopped our Uber to take my picture in front of a mural, took me to a hipster coffee shop, and to Zara. What a special day!

So I really love Chicago, and now that I have a better lay of the land (since my trip last year) I love it even more. I just really like having somewhat of an idea where I am, which usually takes about two trips to a city. I especially love Wicker Park and Logan Square. But omg there is so much to do and see! We also went to the Chicago History Museum for a few hours on "Priya Saturday" and I loved that so much. 

Thanks again to my homies Galina, Carina, and Amir, for doing so much to make the weekend special for me, and flying all the way out to Chicago to hang wit me! (The Nashville --> Chicago flight is just about an hour and a total dream. Too easy!) 

And yeah, it's been a "Weekend Update on a Thursday" type of week! Hope you're having a great one!