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Monday, July 31

+ July was a super chill month for me, a trip home in the middle, notwithstanding! I felt like I was able to get things done that I've been meaning to do forever, like get new tires & clean my car, sort some drawers in my room, etc.
+ Also three cheers for being in the heart of Summer and loving it! I've been soaking up pool time, eating and drinking on patios, cut-offs, kayaking, theme parks, lots of ice cream, and allll that Summer-y goodness.
+ After #26DaysofPriya last month, I was actually really excited to kick off #26DaysofNOTPriya. The whole point of this was to NOT be self-serving, but I had forgotten about how good it feels to do nice things for other people. I've written a lot of cards and otherwise surprised people with all kinds of gifts, big and small (facials & almond butter packets.) And I decided to do 26 things rather than 26 consecutive days so I'm still finishing up.
+ On August 31st I'm going to Italy (!!) so the biggest thing I have coming around the corner is this cleanse I've decided to do for the month of August. I'm cutting out gluten, dairy, and alcohol. You'll notice sugar is not included because I have a mega-sweet tooth. This is really more about practicing some discipline, for once, and less about losing weight or looking a certain way for my trip (though, to be fair, I do want to be feeling great before I'm in a swimsuit for a week.) And I am SURE I will keep you posted.

+ I wrote a love letter to my live-in pieces for Summer, established blogging as my hobby (and I don't care who knows it!), and brought my Bridesmaid 101 series back to discuss bridal showers.
+ I was excited to try LipSense for the first time, this accidentally tennis-inspired outfit is one of my favorites I've ever blogged, I came clean with my hat secret, wore a pink miniskirt in Charleston, and did a super Summer-y shoot with my friend Miles!
bbg meals IN THE KITCHEN: One of my small goals was to make 4 recipes from my Bikini Body Guide book. Check!
+ Lamb Tagine | Lamb is my favorite, this was doable, delicious and filling- it lasted me a week.
+ Fudgy Brownies | I spent $$ buying all these healthy ingredients (like coconut sugar!) and these were great!
+ Quinoa Chicken Pilaf | An easy, healthier spin on a traditional pilaf. Don't skimp on those cranberries!
+ Ginger Peach Overnight Oats | This is such a simple, hearty breakfast that tastes even better after TWO nights.

ON THE WISHLIST: Somebody gimme a medal, because I went a month without shopping! What I wish I bought:
Old Navy white Rockstar jeans | I already know I love these & I hate the white pants I have & I need them for an exciting upcoming collab (I got a beautiful top sent to me and only these will do!)
novelty one-piece | This is the one piece (ha ha) that I am allowing myself to buy for my upcoming trip to Italy. Really my dream is to own a gorgeous Mara Hoffman swimsuit, but in the meantime, there are so many fun options out there, especially by Private Party (think of the 'grams!)
UntitledON MY FACE: Ok, I went a month without buying clothes/shoes. I did buy a lot of makeup. Oops! [Clockwise-ish]
+ NYX Angel Veil Primer | My beauty newb self previously thought primer was only for making make-up last. The vloggers (ok I also watched a LOT of YouTube this month) taught me otherwise- it also makes your foundation go on/look better. Primers are expensive, but this NYX one is a drugstore gem for good reason- works great & only $15!
+ Too Faced palette | Steph turned me on to this! Eyeshadow can be tricky, but this palette has all the matte shades you'll ever need as a base for any look. I've been using this daily since I got it! See what it looks like inside, below!
+ Too Faced Highlighter | I wanted to share one product I've actually been disappointed by- I had to get my hands on this highlighter (the packaging!) but honestly I love my $5 Wet n Wild highlighters WAY more! I don't know if it's the shade or the brush I'm using or what, but this just doesn't work for me.
+ Real Techniques brushes | One thing that was actually (lol) on my list this month was to upgrade my brushes a bit. I know a lot of people love the Real Techniques brushes, so I picked up the Eye Shade + Blend duo (^ this bigger one is a DREAM for blending eyeshadow!) and since I'm always on the hunt for the perfect contour brush, I got the Flawless Base set solely for ^ this brush, which has actually made a world of difference in my contouring skills.
+ NYX lipstick in Thalia | Because sometimes you need an MLBB that's NOT matte, you know? This is pretty close!
+ Wet n Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink | Everybody loves the Wet n Wild blushes- however, I think the shade I had previously (Apri-Cot In The Middle) was a little light for me. All it took was a different shade for me to be hooked!

Farewell, Starlight! - Francis and the Lights | I know this is old news but I can't stop listening to this fun, dancy, album. Listen to: It's Alright 2 Cry, May I Have This Dance, Friends. 
Ocean - Parekh & Singh | Thanks to my lil bro Tuppy, who introduced them to me! Guys, Indian Indie is a THING that exists. This entire album is totally dreamy. Listen to: I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll, Newbury Street. 
Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey | Alternate title: How Lana Got Her Groove Back. I was so excited for this album because I'm a huge LDR fan, and her last album, Honeymoon, left something to be desired. Well, she's BAAACK doing what Lana does best: making you love and hate your life at the same time, making you remember "my boyfriend's back, and he's cooler than ever" and making even the most mundane trips "back to work or the coffee shop" so glamorous. This album is fantastic. Listen to: first of all, the single, LOVE, if you haven't, my second favorite so far is Summer Bummer (ft. ASAP Rocky, they are buds and I LOVE IT.) "Who's doper than this bitch," indeed. This is my soundtrack for the rest of Summer 2017.

P.S. Let's connect on Spotify (it's a NO JUDGEMENT zone!)
+ Ozone Falls | (Pictured above!) Just under 2 hours outside of Nashville in Crab Orchard, TN (cute!) You can “hike” just over half a mile down to the falls & a great swimming hole (perfect for toting a picnic!)
+ kayaking the Harpeth | I went kayaking twice this month- once in TN and once in CA (very different experiences!) Kayaking is probably the best Summer activity Middle TN has to offer- there are several rivers just a few hours drive from Nashville! The closest being the Harpeth, & there are several kayaking excursion companies that make it SO easy (even if you’re outdoor-averse, promise!) 

+ Lulu | This is my FAVORITE new place in Nashville for a few reasons: the branding/decor (I’m getting like…Scandinavian beach vibes?), the food (affordable and simple- sandwiches, a gingersnap that brought me back to life one morning), and a FREE SOFT-SERVE MACHINE (yeah, how is this even possible.)
+ Fort Louise | In my neighborhood! I went opening week and loved it! The food was delicious (I was so pleasantly surprised by fried deviled eggs), the service was so so great, and it’s in an old house which couldn’t look cooler. 
+ Slim & Husky's | I was really excited to try out this place, and if the pizza can be beat, the experience definitely cannot! I love that three childhood friend’s opened it in their neighborhood (Buchanan Art’s District, which was new to me) I love that Fresh Prince was projected on the wall, I loved the 90’s hip-hop that was playing, I LOVED the hip-hop lyric inspired affirmations painted all over the bathroom, and yeah I loved the pizza. 

I would love to hear about your favorite eats, drinks, buys, reads, listens, or adventures, in Nashville (or wherever you live!) from July! Share with me below!!

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Wears Like A Sailor

Friday, July 28

| sunglasses: Blenders Eyewear [gift] {similar} | earrings: H&M {similar} | lip: NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary | blouse: vintage {similar} | jeans: J.Crew via Carina {The "Billie" fit comes in several washes!} | clog sandals: Target {similar} | clutch: Anthropologie [gift from Katie] {similar} |

And now for something a littleeee different...I absolutely jumped at the chance to shoot with my talented friend (and co-worker) Miles! I work with so many talented artists of all kinds, it's awesome (and makes me feel...not so talented...) I was hyped about how these turned out! Thank you x one million, Miles!

One of my favorite things about blogging is how the outfit posts are like a little scrapbook. I have so many life events and trips documented through outfits: my mom's 60th birthday, Amir's college graduation, my 26th birthday, and outfits worn in Brooklyn, Paris, Miami, and Finland, to name a few! And while this outfit is from a pretty normal day, I also love looking at an outfit post and being able to instantly recognize the season it's from (whether that be a season of life, or like a literal weather season.)

These pictures scream SUMMER to me! I've been a little backlogged and mostly posting photos from the last couple months, so it was nice to put together a look/shoot that accurately depicts what's happening now. These are literally from this past Tuesday and boy does it feel S U M M E R Y around here.

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday- I was at a volunteer gig when this girl stopped me and said, "This is really weird but were you at Slim & Husky's last weekend? I loved your shoes so much and wanted to ask you about them!" So I guess I wear these a lot. I had to tell her that, sadly, these are a Target find from last year. Y'all know I love a wooden clog, but the best thing about these shoes is that they only look wooden, so they have a chunky heel that is super light!

These jeans came from Carina during a recent trip home- she had stalked them for months and finally ordered them, but they didn't fit her, and they were sitting at her desk at work, waiting to be returned. You know, I'm not even mad that I'm wearing jeans that are too big for my [little] big sister, because how awesome are these?! They've looked just as great with a white t-shirt/gray tank top as they have with this blouse- one of my best vintage finds to date! (Oh, the jeans are only available in really limited sizes, but J.Crew carries the Billie fit in several washes- I totally recommend it, I love 'em! I'm wearing a 26P but honestly the waist stretches out a lot, so I would size down!)

Well, happy Friday! I actually had the chillest week, and was back in the office for five consecutive days for the first time in...a while! We were joking about how a normal five day work week would feel SO long to me, and uh, jokes aside, it really has! I don't really have plans for the weekend, apart from "prepping" for an August cleanse (more on that soon) by eating all the gluten, dairy, and alcohol I can get my hands on (just kidding Mom!)

photos by Miles Price

Pink Mini in the Holy City

Wednesday, July 26

| glasses: Primark {similar} | lip: Pacifica Love lipstick in Sweet One [this shade is like impossible to find/nonexistent, but the formula is great!] | crop top: H&M {similar} | skirt: J.Crew {similar} | purse: Pop & Suki (gift) |
| heels: Steve Madden (via swap) |

Remember when I went to Charleston? Me neither! Juuuuust kidding, Jacqui! You can read all about the trip, here. And now that the secret’s out, I can shout it from the rooftops: JACQUI [AND MATT] ARE HAVING A BABY! I accidentally outed her at Katie’s wedding which, is a funny story. Now we can laugh about it, right? Oh, and just outed her to the bridesmaids. I basically bullied her into telling me. Anyway. I’m going to be an aunt!

And this is what I wore on our second night out in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, when we went to La Farfalle and then on the “dark side of Charleston” tour. That was a hoot. Totally recommend. Be warned that it is R rated and all about bordellos (fancy brothels!) Oh and I may have already said this, but La Farfalle (discovered from the Gal Meets Glam Charleston guide) was dope. Delicious pasta that I would eat for every meal if I could, we sat under this giant beautiful tree in a courtyard, and I had something called a "white Negroni" which was awesome!

I think I actually bought this outfit for my birthday a few years ago, and it’s been a favorite ensemble since that I can’t believe has never made it on my blog (I also own this skirt in green!) I even wore this to work once, actually, a day that will live in infamy as “the day I wore a crop top to work.” The thing about this top though is that the crop is actually very subtle- paired with a high-waisted skirt- and there's just a peek-a-boo from the lace cut-outs. And that’s why I still have my job!

This look also features a failed attempt at curling my hair with a straightener that gave me a serious headache. I kept getting the straightener twisted and tangled in my hair and then having to rip it out. Beauty is pain. Can you guys do this??? I have tried SO many times. If you have a trick or tutorial, PLEASE help a blogger out!

Oh, and I got these heels in a swap at work! What luck! My co-worker described them as “too clean” for her taste, after buying them for a wedding. Ha.

Hope you're having a great week! Thanks Jacqui for snapping these pics for me! 

Bridesmaid 101: the Bridal Shower

Monday, July 24

Though wedding season is over for me this year, I figured it was the perfect time to resurrect my Bridesmaid 101 series. To be clear, I was not on bridesmaid duty most recently, but oh have I done my time (so far!)

Maybe you just got asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned vet with war stories to share. Either way, this series is for you, because weddings are full of tradition and nuance-y things that there are no real rules for. And on that note, though I’ve been in a few weddings, these posts are 100% my experience and not to be taken as law.

In case you missed the start of this series: we talked about the things you should do FIRST when you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, and of course how to survive or even thrive during a Bachelorette party.

All caught up to speed? Great! Today we’re talking about *~the bridal shower~*.

Now I may have a single female heart of ice, but when did bridal showers become kinda a drag?? I do think there is a right way to do it, and it does not involve a wedding dress made out of toilet paper. (Please don’t be offended because I have been to some really lovely showers.)

+ a case for the Bridal Brunch | This might be my issue #1: bridal showers always happen in the witching hours of empty afternoon (like 1-3) which just feels strange. I’m not saying your shower has to coincide with a meal, but I do think an actual event time anchors it nicely. Bridal brunch (two words: mimosa bar) is fantastic, Happy Hour also works well!

+ size does NOT matter | My sisters & I threw a very intimate (read: small) shower (or maybe it was a sprinkle?) for my sister-in-law, Marisol, and you know what? It was just perfect. We had a group of about 15, mostly just hung out and ate, and a family friend my mom described as “as American as apple pie” said it was one of the best bridal showers she’d ever been do. BOOM.

+ cool it on the games | Because I promise you, no one really wants to play them! Haven’t we all just taken one too many quizzes about the bride and groom? Yes. Will a lack of games make it look like you didn’t plan or make the shower boring? NO.

+ howdy, partner | That said, if you do want to include some kind of “programming”, get the partner (who, likely is not at the shower) involved. Getting the partner to answer some funny questions and playing it back never gets old, and always results in the bride being pleasantly surprised/crying.

+ thematic elements | Seriously, use the energy you saved from not planning games and put it into a theme that brings the house down! This is the time to really GO FOR IT with something the bride loves (friends that are reading: BeyoncĂ© for me, thanks), or maybe an inside joke between you and the bride, or the bride and groom? Themes I’ve been a part of (click through to see more details!): Bollywood, travel, floral; themes I want to be invited to: 80’s, 90’s, Paris, any Broadway musical. And of course you cannot go wrong with classy af wedding colors + gold.

+ skip the lingerie | I had to put this note in here: UNLESS it is a LINGERIE SHOWER, DO NOT bring lingerie as a gift. Bring it to the bachelorette party. Otherwise the bride will be forced to open edible underwear while sitting next to her future grandmother-in-law. Yikes!

+ stop: delegate & listen | So whose job is it to plan the bridal shower? Historically, the Maid of Honor. If there is no Maid of Honor, or if you’re the “Maid of Honor”, what has worked really well for me in the past is splitting up the bachelorette party and bridal shower. No one person needs to be in charge of both. That said, though I usually try to be on the bach team, I always make it a point to be available or help with the shower in some way (organizing an activity, gathering supplies, making decorations, etc.)

+ Also do I have to be there? | Another thing that has worked so well in the past is having the bachelorette party and bridal shower in one weekend (if it’s in California and I’m in Nashville.) This is super ideal and worth pitching to the ‘maids, if the majority of you would be traveling. Of course, it doesn’t always happen this way. If you can’t make it to the shower (but only like, because it’s across the country and not because you just don’t want to go) the bride WILL forgive you. The most important event for you to attend is the wedding, right?

+ But do I have to bring a gift? | In my experience, if you’re: traveling, planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, your bride really doesn’t expect you to. In all honesty, at times I’ve been so busy with planning that I’ve intended to get a gift but forgotten or run out of time. It is totally nice to just pick up something small on the registry, or treat her to something she didn’t register for, or save your awesome gift for the wedding. BUT: that’s what the next post in the series is about.

Ok, let’s hear your bridal shower loves and laments! What has worked well for you? Are bridal showers so over & just a pain? What’s the best themed shower you’ve attended? Am I just an asshole? I want to hear it all! Share below!!

Missed the first and second installments of Bridesmaid 101? Catch them right here!

Cap it off With Chambray

Friday, July 21

| hat: Target {similar} | button-up: Ralph Lauren via Jamie | pants: J.Crew via Poshmark [seriously- Poshmark is that good-good ] heels: Chinese Laundry via Francesca’s {similar} | 

click the item name for additional wears on the blog/brand to shop exact or similar!

Do me a favor: when we meet in person (and I sure hope we do!) if I’m wearing a baseball cap, don’t ask me how many days it’s been since I washed my hair last. Deal? This will just be like a cute little inside joke between us, upon meeting. Maybe you can say a code sentence like “WOWWW you are way funnier in person, Priya!” And I’ll know what you really want to ask, and maybe I’ll even flash the number on my fingers real quick, and we won’t discuss, but we will have this secret unspoken bond that links us forever.

Or, I dunno, you can ask. I really haven’t put any thought into it.

Here’s the thing because I know there are both haters and my mother (sometimes they are one and the same ;) reading this blog: I eat a lot of junk food, but I am not a trash can human. I do bathe and take care of myself. But do you even understand that I am getting literal days of my life back by not washing my hair all the time??? First of all, it takes a full day just to DRY. And second, maybe most importantly, I just do not care. I would wear my hair in a ponytail every day if I didn’t have this blog, I swear.

Anyway, just know if I’m wearing a cap, this is the last and final day and things maybe have spun out of control and lucky for me it’s also a fashion statement! And the last thing I’ll say about this is if I didn’t exercise I would literally never wash my hair ever. I'm hoping to do a post about this soon!

Oh and remember when we discussed that phenomenon where you think you’re a fashion prodigy because you’re wearing this cool outfit and then you find out you actually pinned it years ago? Talk about betrayal! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions! [I actually have an entire board of outfits I’ve pinned and then re-created! Check it!]

I like this outfit because it’s Summery and casual and preppy and I could swap the heels for slides and make it Saturday-ready so fast!

What else is new?? Big plans for your weekend? None for me (and I'm not mad about it, especially after being gone last weekend.) I'm hoping to finish a new book, tackle some organizing projects in my room, maybe do a little cooking, a little playing around in my closet, and maybe get super ambitious and clean my car. We'll see. Enjoy!

Shop the look below! Never wash your hair with me!

photos by Adriane Smith Creative- who just had her little girl! Congrats Adriane! <3

Weekend Update: HipHipHoorayRae (& the Bay)

Wednesday, July 19

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday (I guess? Is that where we are?) I’m fresh off a really lovely long weekend in the Bay Area, which culminated in the beautiful wedding of Rachel and Ray (the last of the season for me!) 

It’s funny that I just wrote about experiencing California blackout mode, since this weekend was a bit atypical. I got home on Thursday evening to an empty house, my parents were in Finland ‘til Sunday night, and I even had time to like, exercise and nap and think. Which I’m not mad about!

Other shenanigans (always with the scheming and dreaming) included: playing Monopoly Deal for the first time with Amir and Steph, running and kayaking in beautiful Monterey with the dearest friends, running ~ a mile with Amir to catch Tuppy’s Summer gig as a game show host, followed by a couple hours in the theme park of our youth (the most perfect nostalgic Summer evening that will not be topped), breakfast at my wonderful neighbors, and a Saturday afternoon ALONE AT HOME (yeah! I was like…what is this??)

Rachel and Ray’s wedding festivities kicked off with a ranch rehearsal bash in Livermore that everyone was invited to, which is such a cool idea! I absolutely adore Rachel’s family (Grampy included, or maybe even most of all) and I hardly get to see them anymore, so that was a blast. Also I live for the chances to see my “auxiliary” friends from high school, that only occur during wedding festivities (<3 Monica Hannah Bekah Leighah Claire!) I also live to sit in between Katie and Jacqui for a while and just be a sister wife for an evening.

On Sunday I finally got to see Galina’s new place and hang with her and have baby’s first acai bowl, I stopped by and saw Jenae and Dingo Dan’s awesome new house, and then basically had a glam squad as Galina did my hair for the wedding- which I can get used to!

The wedding was in San Ramon and it was HAWT and so beautiful. Rachel and Ray seemed so joyous the whole time. If their marriage is anything like their wedding was, it’s gonna be a FUN life. Also- Rachel is actually everyone’s favorite friend because I swear there were 30 girlfriends there (apart from bridesmaids) from throughout her whole life. Congrats Rachel & Ray! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! See you on the farm in Colorado!

Finally I worked from my parent’s house Monday morning, while having breakfast and coffee with my Mom (which was so nice) and collecting all my Finnish goodies, took the <3 Caltrain <3 to the city and finished up the day in Carina’s office and then we finally got to go to Liho Liho Yacht Club which did not disappoint! Like always, and everyone else, leaving my heart in San Francisco (and the yeezy yay area.)

And I’m back in Nashville, for now anyway!

Wimbledon Whites

Wednesday, July 12

| glasses: ban.do {available & on sale!} | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Gimme Mocha | earrings: Kate Spade | polo: Uniqlo via Jamie {really similar} | mani: ulta3 in Sizzling Red via ipsy | skirt: J.Crew via Poshmark [sign up for Poshmark, duh] {similar} | loafers: Old Navy {similar} | bag: Target {similar}

click the item name for additional wears on the blog/brand to shop exact or similar!

I was halfway through the workday when someone stopped me and said “you look like you just stepped off the tennis court! Also, I mean this as a compliment.” Uhh, I totally walked out the door that morning without realizing how tennis-y I really looked, but I’ll take it!

Also, shout-out to tennis! Tennis (and, table tennis, of course) is the only sport my dad follows. I grew up in a Pete Sampras household. The two main things I appreciate about the sport are: the competitions are classy af (I hereby accept your invitation to any Open, now and forever), AND it’s truly a sport that anyone can play, even if you’re not any good or generally athletic. Unlike, say, pick-up basketball, which I cannot do, no matter how hard I try.

This lewk was really born out of trying to bring polos back. Jamie handed me this during the closet purge of Spring 2017 and I was like…a polo? Gee thanks. But remember how we used to wear polos EVERY DAY in high school (just me? It couldn’t have been just me.) A polo shirt couldn’t be more normcore now, but I think it’s just normcore enough that it’s completely trendy. I turned to your friend and mine, Pinterest, and saw a hella stylish outfit with THIS EXACT UNIQLO POLO! Blessings on blessings on blessings. Welcome back, polos!

Also I feel like I should have a “glossary of hand-me-downs” on my blog. Have I told you this week how much I love hand-me-downs and they are my life blood? Let’s do this: unless otherwise noted, everything I get is from my bougie fig fanny Little Peanut of a sister Carina, with occasional contributions by my co-worker Jamie, and then like, anyone else I’ve ever met.

I own this skirt in two colors and just swap them seasonally: hot pink for Summer (I don't know HOW this hasn't made it on the blog) and this forest green for the rest! It’s kinda the perfect mini without being too mini. V recommend.

If anyone cares: about 90% of the outfits I share on this here blog are from the office. It’s not really important, I just want you to know. Maybe someday I’ll post an outfit from the club. Oh and also, if you’re judging me, my office is v casual (like someone told me when I started I would have to wear assless chaps to get busted.)

Sorry that I shared way too many pictures this time, but this might be my favorite shoot that Adriane & I have ever done. She has a real talent, that one, in making an outfit I originally felt “meh” or “too Tennis-y” about a new favorite after seeing photos! By the way, at this moment we are all on baby watch, because Adriane is expecting her own little fashion blogger (teehee) any day now! I can’t wait to meet her! Also, any Nashville photographers tryna hanggg? :)

P.S. If this is how my hair air dried on this day…I will never complain about it again.

I'm hosting a work event tonight before I head back to California tomorrow afternoon, because Rachel and Ray are getting hitched! TTYS my little racket queens!

Shop the look below, it’s a grand slam!!

My Live-in Pieces For Summer

Monday, July 10

liveinSummer (2)
I made this on Canva, which I finally started using! It's a game-changer!!

If there were any doubt about it, after the Fourth of July, it is totally Summertime. Consider this my Summer Un-Capsule (check out last Fall's Un-Capsule right here!) I'm not restricting myself in any way (I'm a maximalist, after all); but I have noticed myself reaching for the same pieces over and over again as the foundation for my outfits this season. It's not the worst way to get dressed! 

+ t-shirt dress | I love any day dress (wardrobe essential) and this Summer I can't stop wearing the t-shirt style, specifically. If you don't know what I mean, think of the giant old t-shirts you love to sleep in- this is the same style (only cuter?) There is nothing more effortless! I've been living in striped number from Zara, though this one is pretty similar, I need to get my hands on that "Varsity" one asap, and how dreamy is that ruffle sleeve??
+ oversized chambray | I historically haven't loved a chambray button-up as much as every freaking buddy, but I believe it's because I haven't found my perfect fit. Until now. Mine is a rand-me-down and it's a Target size Large that fits me with oversized perfection. It really does go with everything. This Current/Elliott one is a dead ringer.
+ tunic cover-up | Obvi I had to put a swimsuit cover-up on here because it's Summer, duh. Anything can work as a cover-up, but I feel the most chic in one of my linen tunics (from India, somehow?) I was pleasantly surprised by how many adorable options J.Crew has! Side tassels, scallops, and a rainbow sherbet palette? Yes yes yes.
+ neutral sandals | I'm not a sandals person, and I've come to terms with that. So this pair from Target, that I love and wear frequently, is one of like three pairs that I own. I already have a back-up pair waiting for when these are finished. I really can't find a similar option, but my point is that you really only need one pair that goes with everything. I am totally into some metallic Birks, too.
+ boyfriend jean shorts | I didn't wear shorts for a while because I couldn't find a pair I liked. My boyfriend jean shorts from Old Navy are absolutely perfect; not too short, not too tight, a little distressed, & cuffed. I love that I can wear them to the pool, when I'm road-tripping, or even to a dinner with friends- they are the quintessential Summer piece!
black crop top | I promise you 90% of my "going-out-fits" start with this perfect black crop top! It is the answer to {nearly} all my problems, and goes just as well with high-waisted shorts as it does culottes as it does a full skirt! I've actually worn it several times on the blog, and it's a few years old, but this Tibi one is very similar.
+ basic tank | I stocked up on a bunch of these a few years ago, and have lived in them every Summer since! Old Navy makes them in literally every color and style (for so cheap): racerback, relaxed, swing, cami, etc. Pair one with some ^ boyfriend shorts ^ and you have an instant Summer outfit that will never let you down!
+ baseball cap | I've been a fan for a while, and I've been crushing these this Summer (maybe because my hair is out of control?) I dress one up a bit for work, but love them on the weekends too- they are also so functional, go figure! Because they are so trendy, they are SO many cute options: chambray, ooh la la suede, floral, and pink!
+ flip-flops | I know these are not stylish or whatever, but I live in my Reefs during the Summer. You can't deny how easy they are if you're anywhere near water. Reefs are seriously SO comfy. I did own some Havaianas at one point and they were great, & I don't own Chacos but if I keep kayaking then I am getting some dammit!

I have scoured the internet for the best options, below, and you are so welcome!

What are your "live-in" pieces for Summer? 

P.S. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, they make my day! I really appreciate and read every single one (even if it takes me a while to respond!)

Blogging Is My Hobby

Friday, July 7

p.s. I designed this image on Canva which is soooo great!
I don't know why I've been so hesitant in the past to name "blogging" as a hobby or interest.

Oh no wait, I totally know why. It's because bloggers get a bad rap. It's because saying I "have a fashion blog" can make me sound like a vain, narcissistic person. It's because I have literally heard feedback from haters about how it makes me seem "too into myself." (To which I say: I'm not actually a model, but you "are", so...your logic makes no sense. Also bye forever.)

And now when I got on dates in 2017, I've had the experience where my date has already come across my blog (I mean, it's not a surprise I guess) and I always cringe and find the need to rationalize. I'm always like, "But wait! There's more!" I guess I want to be able to control the way I come across, and this seems more doable in person? Then again, if I feel like this blog is not an actual accurate representation of me...that's probably on me.

Whatever! I'm done with all of that! I want to shout it from the rooftops! Hi, I'm Priya. Blogging is my hobby. I really enjoy it. And not that I need to justify it, but can we all agree that people have WAY stupider hobbies? Like hunting?

Now that I've allowed myself to claim blogging as my hobby, I've realized that it is literally the perfect hobby for me!

Me, frantically trying to rationalize blogging as my perfect hobby:
+ I get to write about whatever I want, and share it on a platform that anyone can access!
+ I can spend literally anywhere from five minutes to five hours on it!
+ I am obsessive about keeping track of things, and blogging is the perfect way to do this.
+ Ask someone I know if they've heard me say "let me check my files." Truly! Blogging is my online companion to my journal. Maybe this is why I love history so much, too? Interesting.
+ I have a job that I love, but let's be real, I don't get to be super creative. Blogging is a great creative outlet.

If there's one thing I'm proud of about 26 year old Priya, it's that I'm truly in a place of no judgement for anyone. You do you! And trust me, growing up as conservatively as I did, this is a big deal! I guess I wish everyone would adopt that mindset. Especially when it comes to bloggers! Goodness this post is really going off the rails huh?

I'll conclude with a haphazard paraphrase of a quote I recently heard from Aziz Ansari (whom I adore) on Fresh Air. Terry Gross was asking him about practicing stand-up material, and what he does when he gets a bad response. He said something that really struck me- basically, if you're only getting positive feedback...your jokes are too safe. I've been thinking about that a lot- when I get dressed, when I blog, and sure, when I write stand-up material.

To be fair, I might still get a bit bashful if someone springs it on me at work, you know, that "I'm a blogger?!" (I swear this is a running gag at the office.) I hope you'll forgive me for that! 

I can't be the only one that feels this way- when did you "come to terms" with being a blogger? Have you had a funny experience when an IRL someone comes across your blog? I bet you have, and I would love to hear about it! 

Liberty Flats + LipSense Review!

Wednesday, July 5

| lip: LipSense in BluRed c/o Kissable Lips by Kelsey *Use code PRIYALIPS for 5% off a starter kit or 10% off an order of $100 or more!* | 
| blouse: Forever 21 via Carina {similar} | skirt: vintage {similar} | flats: J.Crew {similar} |
| mani: Butter London in Poole | 

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend/4th of July? I’ve been dog-sitting and house-sitting and worked on Monday, so things have been low-key for me, but really I’ve been grateful to just hang around and enjoy an extra day off. I did bike downtown to catch some fireworks last night, so I didn’t skip out on festivities completely.

I was excited when, a couple months ago, a sweet reader reached out to me about reviewing LipSense! If you know literally one thing about me from this blog, it’s that I love any and all lip color (it's one of my 10 Essential Accessories, after all!)- I am always down to try a new gloss, stain, color, or product. And of course I had heard of LipSense, but mostly in the context of being invited to a Facebook group by a random friend from high school. I have a few friends that use it, but I really didn’t know much about the product itself.

If you've been living under a rock- LipSense is basically a super high quality, long-lasting, liquid lipstick. It's available in 36 shades, and is advertised as being smudge-proof, water-proof, and lasting up to 18 hours! But would it pass my Mexican street corn test? Read on to find out!

I was genuinely interested in trying out LipSense to see if it lived up to the hype. I wore it first on a pretty typical day in the life- 8 hours at the office, a trip to the gym, and dinner with a friend. Kelsey knew me well enough to suggest I try out BluRed, for a super classic red lip.
The result?
+ On the left is pretty soon after application. It is very important that you follow the directions- three coats, letting them dry in between, and letting those totally dry before applying the gloss. It's pretty neat actually- you only apply the color once, and just re-apply gloss to freshen up throughout the day. In fact, it kinda feels like you're spray painting your lips, that's how serious it is.
+ The middle is at the end of the day, after working out! Yeah, still looks pretty great (and don't I look like an angel?) I frequently wear lipstick to the gym and get it everywhere so I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this. Not only did it not get all over my water bottle and towel, I still looked fresh as heck walking out of the Y.
+ The right is after (an intentionally messy) dinner of tacos and Mexican street corn on the cob. I even left remnants of food on my face (for effect.) This will forever be referred to as the "street corn test." Wow, I can't imagine wearing basically any other lip color and it STILL looking that good after that dinner! In fact, after this I took a shower and forgot I was wearing LipSense, and it was STILL on. I then scrubbed off the remainder with my remover gloss.

The verdict:
I think LipSense is great for a wedding or other formal event, when you want your color to last and last. It performed noticeably better than even my favorite Stila Liquid Lipstick, with no flaky residue. Because of the price point, I personally wouldn't buy all 36 shades, and also, I wouldn't wear it every day because it is a PROJECT to get off. But I guess that's kinda the point? I would generally keep that in mind, if you're getting ready for a night where you'll just want to collapse in bed at the end :) I would also definitely recommend getting the removal gloss! 

Kelsey is kindly offering a discount on your order with code PRIYALIPS, and you can order through her Instagram, Facebook, or email her at {kelseycardenas@aggienetwork.com}
Thanks again Kelsey, for letting me experience LipSense!

P.S. New shoes! Aren't they adorable? Floral flats have been on my wishlist since high school, I saw someone wearing these and was totally obsessed, and remembered seeing them in the J.Crew catalog. I then stalked them for months, and got these in a sale on sale for about $50! I didn't realize how festively timed this post would be- but they are a Liberty London + J.Crew collab! What's left of that collection (these flats are sold out :/) is an absolute dream, Liberty is THE authority on floral prints (This dress! This swimsuit! This blazer! This bandana!)

I was provided with LipSense in exchange for a review, but opinions are my own! 

Shop the look below!photos by Adriane Smith Creative