Hi friends! Stopping in for a very quick outfit post before I'm out the door to CA for Thanksgiving!
 photo IMG_3459_zps48cc7664.jpg
shirt- Huntee's, vest- Local Honey Nashville, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, leggings- Nordy's Rack, boots- from Carina
 photo IMG_3464_zps14923d11.jpg
This comfy outfit was a no-brainer for a cozy night in with friends. I stole/borrowed this shirt from Hunter a few weeks ago and have been living in it! It goes with literally everything and has a longer length, perfect for layers & leggings (ladies...do you civic duty and cover up those legginged buns)! 
I added my leopard print belt to cinch off my waist and make this outfit a little less schlepy, though not less cozy at all! One more tiny bit of leopard print: on my earrings!
 photo IMG_3470_zps058a10de.jpg
 photo IMG_3462_zps8f848952.jpg
Outside Hunter's apartment was the most beautiful and festive hillside of fall colors. Which, I realize you can't really see in these pictures. Just trust me.

It's been an interesting couple of days, with a 24-hour bug that left me laying at home all day yesterday, so I am SO thankful to be feeling better and on my way home!
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Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Get off your computer and gooooo tell everyone you love them.

One more thing: linking up with Bri from Work Clothes, I Suppose for a Third Thursday Threads of animal prints! Check it out!! 


weekend update: mostly food

I finally didn't have to work/go out of town, so I had the full, glorious, weekend I've been dreaming of.

It included lots of food, many friends, and several babes.
Said babes. Ryland (balancing a grape on his head, left) & Natalie (straight cheesin', right)
Saturday night I got to break out my baby Crock-Pot for the first time, and try my hand at a game day dip while the Vols played Vanderbilt. I made "cheeseburger dip" [I guess]. I'd give myself a C for creativity and an A for crowd-pleasing. 
Hunter very diligently prepared soup for all of our buddies that joined! Here's the end result of him going to town on some cilantro.
the guys really enjoyed the game
Whitley, Andrea & I talked about blogging and Ryan Gosling and stuff Untitled

Sunday we finally got to use the fancy brunch Groupon to Sperry's Hunter bought a few months ago (expiration date: Sunday). I've been craving orange juice for a few weeks now so this was the best orange juice of all time. Oh, also brunch was really lovely. I had a Belgian waffle and Huntee had Eggs Benedict! Oh we fancy huh?

Today, alas, is a Monday that's basically a Wednesday afternoon (with only 2.5 days of work before the festivities begin). I've already managed to cut a hole in my tights and miss a meeting completely. Also- it's SNOWING in Nashville! And super freezing cold! So if you're looking for me tonight I'll be in bed with Season 3 of The O.C. that arrived in my mailbox Thursday afternoon.


a current state of the union

 I have to start off by saying it has been some time since I've sat down to write a post without a clear purpose. Usually I'm frantically posting pictures of an outfit I love, or an event that happened while it's still relevant, or month resolutions before the month is over.

SO, it feels nice to just say hey. Things are grand. I would love to take some outfit pictures but the daylight isn't allowing it lately (BUT- the persistent blogger in me has been "micro-blogging" some outfit pics via perfectly PRIYA on Twitter. It's actually been really fun!). I try to keep it real over here but: I really am loving my new schedule and therefore lifestyle. Here's what else is going on lately...
and for those of you who are more visual learners:
friends//friends [adventures lately]

- I am going home for Thanksgiving in ONE week. [Whaaaat?! I am so excited and it hit me so fast!]

- As plans go, I am moving in Jan/Feb to West Nashville. [I know what you're thinking, but you just moved! We haven't even seen pictures of your place {That's still going to happen, btw}! Here's the sitch: Shel is buying a home. I am moving with her.

- In an effort to stay fit and feeling well, I'm trying to be disciplined about what I'm eating + exercising consistently. [This includes: getting a YMCA membership, drinking either coffee/alcohol/soda but not all in one day, eating healthy snacks all day, and shopping at TJ's so I'm eating veggies.]

- I've picked up some goodies online AND through people downsizing their closets (theeeee best). So, getting dressed these days has been pretty easy and fun! [All it takes is some pick-me-ups.]

- I'm silly, and as I've told several people I work with: I just didn't realize that when I started working I'd make so many awesome friends. I already have like, several girls I ADORE and I keep making new friends. I'll stop ranting about my job but I look forward to going to work and I miss people on the weekends! [I can't believe I got so lucky.]

- As of Saturday I'm done working regularly part-time (along with my full-time job). And man, I'll miss it a little, but the regular FREE TIME is outstanding. My evenings this week are packed though, just catching up with lots of friends and maybe babysitting on Friday? [Being an adult rocks.]

- I am by no means any expert on blogging, but in any blogging conversation with a friend I always hear myself saying the same thing: make sure YOU love it. Make sure you love what you're writing and that you look forward to doing it. Unless you're making a living from it, it should be for yourself (and even then...). So there's my blogging thought for the day. 

Thank you for reading, friends! I look forward to catching up on your lives, via blog, Twitter, emails, letters, text messages, phone calls, whatevs! 


snapshots of the week(S), volume IV

too many "moments for life" lately that I don't want to forget about! I'm a happy girl.
(clockwise) 1. andrea's cute parents as ketchup and mustard
2. confetti cannons at my first all-staff meeting
3. Huntee and his girl Em at our best friend's +1 dinner
4. Imma let you finish, but my sister Carina sent me the best sweatshirt of all time.
5. enjoying gumbo and wonderful friends at the Robleto's! 
6. that one time I let Clyde sleep on my bed
7. the most wonderful TN earrings from Pangaea
8. me and Huntee in the Nashville Scene, nbd
9. the best moment of my life, on Halloween night
10. touristly pri at Tennessee's Bicentennial Mall
11. BlogNashville ladies at the Ryman during our tour of the city! 

I love Snapshots of the Week, you can view the rest of mine here.

Happy Weekend to all! Catch up with you soon. 


pink & pups

Guess what? I still wear clothes!

Somewhere between the 4:45 post Daylight-Savings nightfalls and losing a set of outfit pictures in a transfer involving an external hard-drive when my old computer bit the dust and I can't get internet, at all; I haven't taken any pictures in a looong time. (Sincere apologies for the run-on. This IS how I talk though, for the record.)

Now presenting outfit pictures that are clearly from a few months ago because I a) have long hair b) am interviewing for jobs and c) am dog-sitting for some dear friends.

earrings- flea market, blouse- borrowed from Jacqui, skirt- Local Honey Nashville, heels- Marshalls, bracelet, F21
Future Priya, take note: a simple curled and long ponytail is an a-ok hairstyle. I remember really liking it on this day. 

On to the outfit: As I recall, I wore this for a second interview. This blouse was one item I swapped with my girl Jacqui, and I love it! I've worn it probably four times since she sent it to me. I wasn't fully on board with the silk blouse craze that is sweeping the blogosphere, but now I definitely am. It's essentially like an oxford blouse, but about twenty times more comfy and luxe looking. 
Jewels are brought to you by F21 and my college graduation outfit, and the De Anza flea market in CA. Lipstick is a corall-y pink I'm not totally crazy about, but it did go with the blouse (I believe it's Maybelline Colorsensational in Fruit Punch but don't quote me on that).
On to the aforementioned pups and a cute boyfriend!

Here is the BABE I was lucky enough to hang out with for a couple days, a few months ago. Enzo (and his big brother Zanardi) are precious boys I can't get enough of. And speaking of...

Well it feels good to be in the swing of blogging again. I have about 4 outfits on the back of my chair that I would love to photograph, should the necessary time and manpower ever eclipse again. In the meantime I've been taking some #ootd selfies for Twitter's eyes only. And yours, should you choose to follow along @perfectlypriya!

{Ok this is a very old note from when this post was initially supposed to be} One more thing: I've tweeted about this already, but I got to guest post "5 Things To Add To Your California Bucket List" on the Capture California tumblr. Check it out! 


nyr check: October

Before we get too far into November, here's my monthly check-up on my resolutions I made back in January, for the month of October (most month drops in a sentence, ever.) 

Because of my busy-body mindset I adopted the motto long ago: "don't count the days, make the days count." So I refuse to wish away any days or any daily resolutions, because each day is a gift. On that note, I failed in several areas this month. I think it's just healthy to acknowledge that an then whatever! My life has taken a new form of crazy since I started my job 1.5 weeks ago and I am largely enjoying every minute! Anyway, this update is gonna be pretty short.Untitled
October mems, clockwise: Halloween night, bday gifts, first day outfit, Pho with my Shelly bean

(If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!)
(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:
1. Ride my bike more. [nope. It's cold. I would like to edit this resolution and say that I have stayed consistently running, to the best of my ability. It is possible for me to bike to work now, and I want to do that eventually.]
2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [You know, I'm fairly certain this didn't happen in the month of October. That being said, end of September/mid November is not a bad interval. Mummo is getting a cute handmade card this month, actually lots of people are since I bought a graphic stack at Paper Source.]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [October bdays- Coren. Katie. Both got cute packages. Also bought some bonus gifties for fam/friends when I found out I got a job.]
4. Read a book every month. [I don't want to talk about it.]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I finally went through my closet, in stages. I managed to downgrade some, and promised myself that those items I saved with the rational "I will totally wear this!" need to actually be worn, soon, or tossed. Feeling pretty good about that. Otherwise, I planned just a mad crazy shopping spree upon getting a job & credit card in the same week...but: I paid some bills. And so I'm still holding out on that spree.]
6. Be confident. [This might be the best place I've been in all year. Maybe all I needed was an awesome turn in lifestyle to feel good about myself, and like I'm on the right track.]

Thank you for reading, commenting, tweeting, and inspiring me in your respective blogs/text messages/emails/phone calls! <3 Bring it November. 


perfectly adult

You'll have to forgive me for being MIA over the past week, as I navigate a brand new [adult] schedule.

When lots of things happen to me at one time, and I haven't been able to journal and just generally decompress, I enter this mode of being flustered and having a lot on my mind, and feeling like I can't get any one thing done. Like this post, that's been jumping around in my head all day (that was two days ago, so for a few days now!), between donating blood at a blood drive, bringing my first real lunch to work, delivering t-shirts, a special assignment and learning to order office supplies.

But for the record: I am loving working full-time! I'm also still working part-time which has made for a pretty busy schedule. Then again, it's probably made up for the past few months when I've mostly been hanging. And like I've been saying, it's not like I'll wake up and have too much money, between splitting rent two ways, car payments, a new loan payment, and credit card payment (yay).

I've already made several new awesome friends at my job, and I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm loving working in an awesome office, and once I sufficiently cozy up my desk area (plants, a candle warmer, and some pictures are in the works), I'll be sure and share!

One thing I've done in the past week is send out a "welcome" email to our entire staff, sharing a little bit about myself using the email application that we create. I thought it would be perfectly Priya to share!
welcome edit
I need to get back in touch with my blogger buds, and other friends/fam that have fallen by the wayside in my transition. It's happening. Don't worry.

So there's a little update with where I've been lately! Regularly scheduled programming will commence shortly.
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