blogging resolutions!

I mentioned in my "resolutions but really more like goals" post about how the only concrete mandates I have made for 2014 were in regards to perfectly P. Which might be silly. I haven't decided yet. I figure the best place to document them is here on my blog, because chances are, someone that reads this might have similar plans! Let's work on them together.

Here they are, anyhow (in no order but stream of consciousness)!

1. new header- I'm working on this with my friend, Kevin! It's proving to be harder than I thought. Might be because I *gasp* actually like my dreadfully simple header now. Though I would like it to be more customized, enter Kevin the amazing graphic designer.
2. better outfit posts- Here's what I mean: I find myself having outfit photos that get backlogged, and when I finally do post them, it's because I want to be chronological. But they might be pictures I don't necessarily like/didn't turn out well. Am I the only one that does this? Even though this is quite dramatic, here' s my new philosophy: What would I want my last outfit post to be if I died tomorrow?
3. get better at photography!- Sister to #2. I am hoping I can invest in a new lens for my 'lil Rebel. I want to keep working on my photography, get better at shooting in manual, AND: organize all my pictures! I finally have them on an external hard-drive but there is much sorting and down-sizing to do.
4. write more, because I love it-  Every now and then I write a post about something that actually matters (interested)? I want to do more of that, just because. I'd like to focus more on quality of posts than quantity. I read a quote recently that said "It's better to not post anything at all than post something that's not up to your blog's standard of quality."
5. continue connecting!- Making "bloggy friends" has been one of the best parts of blogging, no doubt. I feel like there are girls I have really gotten to know, and I enjoy keeping up with their journeys. I want to keep making friends, and develop the friendships I have. And in the blogging world, this includes things like weekly link-ups, guest posts, and swaps! I want to do them all!
6. updated about me- I never really wrote a conventional "about me" page. I should probably get on that, especially since they're my favorite pages to read on other blogs.
7. updated bio pic- I definitely need an updated "about me" pic where I don't have bangs (because it's been almost a year)! I'd like to have the same one for my blogger profile, Google profile, and perfectly P Twitter profile.
8. new button- I made my first button in a frenzy because I was so excited that I figured it out, and was ready to swap. It can use a make-over.
9. blogging challenges-  I'm really gonna do one of these! Some kinda of 30x30 or 7x7 or 10 pieces 14 outfits or t-shirts only week will definitely get my creative juices flowing and aid in a "minimalistic" not super-consuming mindset for the year. I've been hesitant previously because I worried about taking pictures for ever day of my challenge, but I guess the more important thing is actually DOING it, and taking pictures when I am able to.
10. update blog love- Because this list is somewhat outdated. I've seen a few blogs with current reads categorized by region, and that's my plan! That way I can highlight my BlogNashville ladies AND the California girls as well.
11. update best of- I just need to add to this.
12. go through old posts- Some posts need label updates, some can be drafted because they didn't work out well. Mostly I want to make my labels more consistent. I've been trying to label outfit posts by specific items to keep a record of wearing certain things.
13. update mini-bio- I don't know, I tweaked a few things and now it might be just right. We'll see.
14. twitter active-  I don't want my blog Twitter to just be about promoting my blog. I want to use it to connect with others and share awesome content. Plus it works in a pinch for an #ootd post.
15. button swaps- Gonna keep swapping with a (hopefully) new button. I'd like to reach out to more bloggers about doing this. The absolute worst that could happen is that they say no!
16. better at responding to comments- Whether it's a direct response on my blog, or visiting their blog as well, I really want to be good about this. When someone takes the time to visit my blog and encourage me/share an opinion, I really want to do the same for them. Doesn't mean it always happens. But I'm trying hard.
17. scheduling posts-  I think this will just make my life easier. If I can be on top of it!

I think my main goal in all of this is to keep blogging something I do because I enjoy it. I want to be consistent, sure, but I don't want it to feel like a chore. And though it's something I love, there are many! I think they best way to keep it as something I can do for a long time is to stay consistent, but not let it be overbearing. Balance.

Anyone out there have some goals for blogging in 2014? Let's talk!



Unknown said...

sounds like an ambitious list!! :)

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I love your list - I'm working on almost every single point too! Here's to new connections & getting more organized :)
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The Shopper said...

That is quite a list but I totally feel you! Finding time to blog is the biggest thing I want to do. I really love it when I sit down to do it but then I forget. I get caught up in other stuff and suddenly I haven't posted in so long. Too many ideas swirling in my head . . .

Good luck!

chloe said...

I definitely need to create a list like this! Since I'm launching a new blog, I really want to make it excellent and much more organized/regular updates. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marisa Noelle said...

You and me both! I've been wanted to give my blog a major overhaul...I've made a couple little changes so far - but now for the header!

I also agree that a new lens can make a world of difference. I have a 55-200mm one that I use for my Nikon and really love.

Best wishes with all your goals Priya!

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Yay for blogging goals! One of mine is to be more social with other bloggers out there and interact with them. I know a lot of people get super competitive while blogging, and I'm not really up for that ish. I like being a part of a community that supports one another, and respects the hard work of curating a great blog.

Good luck for all of your goals! I'm sure you're going to smash all of them! :)

Emily said...

Great list of resolutions - I can identify with most of these although you are a lot more ambitious than me! And in the spirit of No. 5, let me introduce myself and say hi! I just recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I did my own post about goals a bit ago which you can read here: http://bonmarchecouture.blogspot.com/2014/01/better-late-than-never.html

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Those are great blogging resolutions! With my crazy and ever-changing work schedule, I can't post as much as I'd like but every time I'm home and my boyfriend is around, you'll bet I grab him to take some pictures with me! I wish I could post everyday but it's so tough to keep up with three outfit posts a week let alone 5. Good luck with your resolutions!

Priya said...

bought this exact one! thanks for the rec, Marlen!

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