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Kinda fitting that I am posting this today, since I'm wearing the same sweater/scarf combo (that I wear like, everyday), but NOT the same skirt without tights. Not at all. Without being complain-y, I would like to say that I'm pretty much over the freezing conditions. I have reached the point in the year where I'm tired of wearing tights (and you can now disown me as a blogger). 

Getting up in the morning on an "adult schedule" is hard enough for me, but when I check my phone in bed (trying to slowlyyy wake up the brain) & it says THREE DEGREES?! Are you for real? That's when I just go back to bed. I can't think about how to wear enough clothes to keep me warm in that. 
 photo IMG_3980_zpsalsvz76m.jpg
sweater- c/o Shel, scarf- c/o Carina, shirt- Gap, skirt- handmade by Abuela, belt- Huntee's, boots- Nashville Flea

Ok, so it's cold, blah blah. One last thing about the weather and I'll shut up- is it SUPER obvious or just kinda how absolutely frigid I was when taking these pictures. I thought I could brave it and that it wasn't really that cold, but oh gosh, it was. The WIND these days! Plus my lil Rebel is slowly dying (editor's note: my photo savvy co-worker investigated and told me my lens is essentially dead. Though I told myself I was DONE spending money for the month, new lens city here I come!) so these pictures were pretty much miserable to take.

BUT I am beyond excited to be wearing 1 of 2 of the beautiful skirts my girl Andrea's sweet (& talented!) abuela made for me. Andrea's equally sweet Mom makes fabulous table linens (check her out here), and was kind enough to share some of the fabric so I could have a couple new skirts! Talk about wonderful friends! I seriously cannot get over the gorgeous patterns in this fabric. I haven't blogged an outfit with my 2nd skirt, but you can see it here.
I am not exaggerating when I say I have been living in this scarf, stolen from my sister, that is the biggest comfiest scarf I own. It's amazing how certain colors can match when you want it bad enough. Ditto with the sweater though really, a hand-me-down from Shelby's ex-Hipster wardrobe, thanks Shel! 

This ring is a giveaway win from Pretty Cat Vintage, via Messages on a Napkin. I've been lucky enough to win a couple giveaways from her blog, which always results in some amazingly curated vintage items, that I could never find on my own! 

Other things going on this week:

It's been a very busy but FUN week, watching The Bachelor (who's your girl???), cooking, visiting with old friends, and tonight celebrating a birthday & a friend going away. Whew! I need to remind myself I need personal evenings not filled with activity, or by Thursday I am a very sleepy girl!

I've been working out at the YMCA almost every day and loving it! Last night I went to Zumba for the first time in a while, I forgot how much i LOVE it and can't help but laugh out loud while doing it.

This week I also booked flights for myself, Huntee, and my brother Amir to go home the first weekend of March because my brother Tarif is starring in Shrek the musical as Donkey! I am so incredibly proud of him, and excited to see the show. Let the countdown begin!


Unknown said...

WHATT you're going back to California in March? I'm so jealous!

Danielle Wallace said...

3 degrees? Oh goodness, I would never know what that feels like down here in louisiana! I really love this color combo :)

<3 danielle

Unknown said...

it is a great scarf, i can understand why you snaffled it! The ring is awesome too :D

Kristian said...

Hope it warms up for you, because this is a great early spring look.

Brittney said...

3 degrees! I would just roll over and never leave the bed. I'm sorry about your lens; did you have the Rebel t3? You should move down to Texas with me---you already have the prerequisite cowboy boots and love of turquoise accents!


Another Beautiful Thing

Akshara Vivekananthan said...

Oh my gosh, I am so TIRED of this weather. Like seriously, this tantrum winter is giving us needs to finish. Asap.

I can't believe that skirt is handmade. It's beautifullll! Thumbs up for the outfit and thumbs up for your brother! How exciting!!

Have a fabulous weekend Priya! :)

Larissa said...

She made this skirt for you? Lucky you! Its great and it fits so perfectly with the scarf! Temperatures are slowly getting up here and the snow is melting... I am quite happy about it! Now we just need some sunshine so that the outfit posts look better again ;)
Thanks for your comments! Always enyoing them a lot :)

joy said...

I love how the skirt and the scarf color matches so well! This is such a cute look :) And woah so cool that your brother is going to be in the Shrek music, must be so exciting!

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