Hippie Chic

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| top: giveaway win via Messages on a Napkin | skirt: Old Navy (SO OLD) | clogs: Old Navy |

If I've never worn this outfit on the blog before, I'll be shocked (here's evidence of the items individually at least: top // skirt // shoes.) I've certainly worn this exact combo no less than four times. Something about the peasant blouse and denim skirt just begs to be paired together, with clogs to complete the hippie vibe. I walked into work the other day wearing this, and Emma (you know her around here as "beauty friend Emma") said "You look straight out of the 70's, Prinut!" (What I haven't mentioned on here is the plethora of work nicknames I have.) 

Well why not? I've only been likened to a hippie before when I used to rock hippie hair on the reg, but things in that department have gotten a lot more tame, not to mentioned straighted (in this post, anyway!) and ombréd. Fashion from the 70's though, I can totally get behind.

This is the part of any post including this skirt where I say I GOT IT IN 7TH GRADE. Old Navy forever! It had an adjustable waist then, and it's high-waisted now. Way to go, little Pri!

Hope you guys are having a good week! I've had, once again, one of those where I haven't spent an evening at home just getting my life in order. Not a bad thing, but I do feel a little crazy. Tonight I'll be working this event for Donut Den again. And if you want a sampling of the million (always) other things on my mind right now: pick up library books on hold, get an oil change, drop clothes off at Plato's project, get gift together for Sam's bridal shower Saturday, starting packing & prepping for Jacqui's bachelorette next weekend, hang remaining pics and lights in my apt., stop at AAA, give Andrea her bday present...just to name a few ;) lots of gifts! Lots of parties! Can't complain! 

Happy Thursday and thanks for reading! 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

That awesome that you have had that skirt since the 7th grade. I love that the 70's style is coming back.


Danielle Wallace said...

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm more shocked at- the fact that you can fit in a skirt from 7th grade or the fact that you can pull off such a 70's look in 2015 and look perfect! Only you!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You've had it for that long??? Way to go little Pri!

Priya said...

Well see, when I bought it, it fit at my hips, now it's high-waisted. It's pretty perfect, actually. Thanks girl :)

Priya said...

Haha thanks!

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