Weekend Update: American Mumbai Marathon

Hi there! I’m back in Nashville after a [really solid] whirlwind of a weekend back home in the Bay Area. Where I hadn’t been since last September so it was all the sweeter!

My family likes to joke/give me a hard time that when I came home I pack in just as much as I possibly can- and this is true, I mean, I have to! I usually have one big reason for why I’m coming home and manipulate the weekend to fit in the rest.

So for this weekend, about a year ago I registered to run the San Francisco marathon with my sister Carina; a few months ago said “Here’s a wild idea, let’s throw Marisol a bridal shower that Saturday?” AND it just so happened that my brother Tarif had a show running as well. So really it was just a strategic/good fortune thing!

Going back home, where I spent the first 18 years of my life, still have the majority of my family and friends, and only get to visit a few times a year, can be a bit overwhelming, honestly, but I’m so pleased that everything went so well!

Friday we went to Tarif’s performance of American Idiot (the Green Day musical.) He played a different character than I had ever seen him do before, and he was fantastic (I am a bit biased ;) the show is heavy, (have any of you seen it?) but the good old Green Day classics balance it out nicely.

Also I was SO jazzed that all four of my best friends from home (and plus ones) were able to join for dinner and the show (and some laughs afterward.) It probably helped that I sent a text that said “and yes I am trying to get all of my favorite people in one place at one, can you blame me??”

Saturday was mostly spent at Carina’s fabulous (newly decorated!) apartment in the city where we spent our #MidMorninginMumbai bridal shower for our sweet new sister, Marisol. The shower was small and seriously perfect. A good theme party is my love language. Above is our photo backdrop!

Then Sunday was the race! Uh, I’m glad I did it and I’m glad that’s over! I won’t say I’ll never run another marathon, but it’s going to be a while. The best part was that my brother Amir ran the whole thing with me (after officially taking an injured Carina’s bib just a few weeks ago) he is such a rockstar and I am so proud of him! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities on earth and the course is pretty spectacular. And hilly.

I spent the rest of Sunday making up for the calories I burned :) that early evening we ordered take out from a place called Chubby Noodle and all snuggled up to watch TV on my air mattress at Carina’s apartment and it was PERFECT.

So, I can’t walk very gracefully but otherwise it’s back to real life in Nashville. Before I hop back on my shuttle to NorCal in a few weeks for Coren’s wedding. Yeah, I can hardly keep track of my siblings either. Thankful for a home that I love going back to.

Hope your August is off to a smashing start and thanks for reading!

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