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I don't think I've mentioned recently that essentially all of my "outfit photos" are taken by my darling co-worker and friend, Adriane (and she is v creative and you should check her out!)

What this means is, my "outfit photos" for the past year or so are all "work outfits" (disclaimer: my office is super casual which means anything on the spectrum from beer t-shirts and ripped jeans to pleated skirts and pumps are all a-ok); but it also means that sometimes this happens: 
I was so pumped about these striped drawstring pants (still am but now it cold) that I forced Adriane to shoot them for me twice! Well, accidentally. I was convinced I hadn't gotten photos of them. She was like, pretty certain that I had. She was right!

And now we have what I'm calling a remix (go with it!)
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KQ2A8619 (1)
KQ2A8597 (1)
KQ2A8607 (1)
KQ2A8603 (1)
| lip: Aveda Nourish-Mint in Cana | watch: c/o JORD | cuff: gift from Marisol | loafers: Zara |

Here we have the striped drawstring pants for late Summer (see the late Summer mid-day sun?) Y'all know I'm obsessed with drawstring pants, and I have wanted a striped version for some time (these are from H&M but I can't seem to find them online.) When I raced home excitedly to style them, I knew I needed to find this exact random thrifted sweater top that I hadn't worn in ages. Thankfully I hadn't given it away, and it is (clearly) my favorite pairing. Otherwise shout-out to my natural hair texture and a bright lip, so seasonal!
| trench coat: Gap Factory {similar} | lip: NYX Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Skies | loafers: Old Navy {similar} |

And with a slight tweak of accessories and outerwear, here we have striped drawstring pants for late Fall (note colorful Fall foliage.) I'm glad this trench coat has finally made it on my blog! Though a trench coat is allegedly a wardrobe staple, I don't wear mine all that much. Though I love the way it pairs with these pants! Otherwise, it's just tale as old as time: black loafers vs. gold loafers. Who's to say? 

So, which Priya wore it better? ;) 

I'm assuming you also have a crazy weekend ahead, what with all the (birthday, chicken wing, and holiday) parties and last-minute Christmas shopping? Here's to you making it through with eggnog laced with something extra and great tidings and good cheer!

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