buffalo, blue, & bangs!

     Well I woke up this morning and could not see out of my eyes. Time for a bang trim! Me being the wildly passionate (read: moody and emotional) person that I am, this left me feeling a little grumpy. Dumb bangs. I assumed that once I got the famed "straight across bangs" I would look exactly like Zooey. But I look nothing like her and they are difficult to maintain! (Side note about Zooey: she even has an iPhone commercial now! She is on top of it!) Disgruntled and in need of adjustment, this afternoon I visited my friendly neighborhood Head Resident who cut them for me! I think they are the perfect legnth, not too long that I can't see and look like a shaggy dog, but not too short that I look like a dork with a bowl-cut. Of course, I'll let you be the judge of that.

     A few notes about what I'm wearing...I have come to find that random items I inherit/discover/permanently borrow are the best, most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. E.g. That funky shirt, from a thrift store in Nebraska via my best friend from home, Jenae. Or the flats, I took those from my sister Carina probably two years ago. I should add "gifted" because the bracelet was a gift from my wonderful friend Rachel, who got it on the island of Curacao. It sat on my desk intimidating me for a while until I realized, "Hey, I could literally wear this with everything." So now I do! 

     Hope everyone had a great day! I enjoyed skyping with an old friend (love to Schep) Zumba-ing with a new friend (oh hey Brynn thanks for the pics) and going to Mazatlan/homework date with two great friends (Huntee and Dithy). If you didn't get a name-drop in this post...I'm working on it.

     Also realized today I finish school in ONE week, leave for home/Finland in TWO and turn 21 in SIX. Ye gads! So things are pretty perfect(ly),



Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous! I think the bangs look great on you.. i'm debating on getting some myself!

Priya said...

Thank you Lauren! I debated getting mine for a while, but I love them (promise)! You should totally go for it!!

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