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Hey! I'm Priya and this is my blog.

I'm a 20-something currently living in wonderful Nashville, Tennessee, with a California (YAY Area) chip on my shoulder forever.

By day, I'm on the Talent Team at an email marketing company, & by night, I entertain myself in a myriad of ways.

My hair is in a constant state of bedhead, I use too many exclamation points; I love dad jokes, what I lack in sensitivity I make up for in sentiment, I truly believe life is nothing if you're not obsessed, and if you don't like parentheses, I've got nothing for you.

I started this blog (previously perfectly Priya) in 2012 after inheriting a large amount of free time. I've been journaling obsessively basically since I could write, and blogging seemed like a perfect extension of that. I really just love keeping track of things.

My blog is a little all over the place because that's the way I am in real life.

My content centers around my current favorites, personal style, as well as my forever favorites: my big crazy family, my friends, adventures of any kind, and my love for the city I'm in (usually Nashville. Sometimes elsewhere!)

Other favorite things: donuts, being outside, 80's music, lipstick, sleeping in, parents, inside jokes, BeyoncĂ©, dessert, celebrity gossip, babies, notebooks, diversity, nicknames, graphic tees, road trips, siblings, and museum gift shops. 

I strive for authenticity, in real life, and especially on this blog. My life is not perfect (that's why I like, re-named my blog), but I’m really enjoying it! The biggest compliment you can pay me is telling me I’m the same way in real life as I am around here! So by the way, if you’re in Nashville or I’m in your city, I would love to meet! This has happened a few times and is one of my favorite things #internetfriends.

I never want to take myself too seriously, least of all in this space, so while I don't have a mission statement…here are some of the personal mottoes I live by!

The more the merrier.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
Never a girl scout but always prepared!
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller

I'm proud of keeping this space exactly how I always intended it to be: kinda just whatever I'm into at the moment,

Ok, I'm glad you're here! Thanks for reading!

- Priya

P.S. My header was designed by my talented friend Kevin Burr, and the majority of my photos are by Adriane Smith Creative, unless noted otherwise.