10 Best Drugstore Beauty Products

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but you do NOT need to spend a fortune to have your make-up looking flawless. More and more, affordable cosmetic lines are upping their game- and their dupes.

As a make-up junkie (but still total beauty rookie) drugstore beauty products are something I am passionate about. This may sound a bit silly- but the prices make them accessible to everyone- and shouldn’t everyone have access to beauty products that make them feel great?

The prices also mean that you don’t have to think twice about trying a new product, trend, or shade. Try them all! Most drugstore beauty products are only a few dollars, and I would say the VAST majority are under $10. So try a vampy lipstick, three shades of foundation, or whatever the latest nail trend is. And if something doesn’t work out, literally throw it in the garbage if you want and NO sweat.

Here are, in my opinion, the ten best beauty products that you can find at your local drugstore, right now!

*I'm not a beauty guru by any means, but I have come a LONG way (& I’ve been watching lot of YouTube.)*
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1. Wet n Wild highlighter | I have blogged about these several times- if you try out one thing on this list, make it this! These highlighters are absolutely gorgeous- so incredibly pigmented, shimmery, and blendable. I'd pick this $5 highlighter over my $30 Too Faced one any day. I own both Crown of my Canopy (bronzy copper) and Precious Petals (lighter champagne) and they've expanded to four other shades!
2. Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit Lipstick | So I really love Wet n Wild, obviously. These liquid lipsticks are a dream! The shades are so great, I find the formula to be long-lasting and not cakey, but what really seals the deal for me is the brush. I basically never wear lip liner (shh) and the pointed tip of the brush allows for perfect, precise application. The shade above is Oh My Dolly, a perfect hot PINK.
3. Essence Make Me Brow | Brow spoolies are brow spoolies, except for one little thing (literally, little:) the brush for the Make Me Brow is smaller, like, the width of your eyebrow. When I use a NYX/etc. brow spoolie, that are the size of a mascara wand, they get all over my face! I promise the size of this brush makes it that much better. The shade Browny Brows is perfect for me! Oh- not all drugstores carry this brand, but you can find it at Target.
4. Sally Hansen Insta Dry | Drugstore nail polish is probably the thing I know the most about- I’ve tried them allll. The Insta Dry has a nice thick lacquer, no runny drugstore polish here! I really love the wide brush, and it dries quickly, as advertised (which I need because I cannot sit still.) I would go as far to say it could pass as a gel polish- the finish is that good. The shade above is Poppin' Paprika (similar to Quick Fire.) 
5. NYX Angel Veil primer | Once I realized I was supposed to be wearing primer, I tried a few. I have combination skin, so I need a primer that is hydrating, but not too oily. This one is vouched for by every YouTube blogger, and did not disappoint! It just goes on SO smooth and really makes a difference in setting my foundation for the day. Primers are not cheap: most run ~ $30, the Angel Veil is half of that!
6. Jordana Best Lash Extreme | I know this is so random! I’m really not loyal to any one mascara, because they’re all about the same to me. The only mascara that I find is *noticeably* better is the Benefit They’re Real ($26- totally worth it for an event or something) but if you can’t buy that all the time, here’s the alleged drugstore dupe, that I use regularly. This is a $4 mascara, y'all, which is cheap even by drugstore standards.
7. e.l.f. Blush Palette | I love blush and I love a variety, this palette has it all- peachy and neon pink, matte and sparkley, all in super pigmented powder. You get 4 shades (my fave is the peachy one) for $6, all in a handy palette with a mirror- can't beat it! I have the cream blush version coming in the mail and I can't wait to try it! I have this in the "dark" shade, but, either could work regardless of your skin tone, honestly.
8. Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick | I have like, an obscene amount of lip color, lipstick especially, but these have been my favorite for years, that I always come back to, because they always work! Super pigmented, multiple finishes (I always go for just the regular gloss, personally) every shade you can imagine, and $7.50! The above shade is Fuchsia Fever.
9. Maybelline Age Rewind concealer | Another YouTube cult-favorite, and for good reason. This concealer is full coverage and super blendable, and two words: sponge applicator. That was a revolutionary innovation! Also works great as a cream highlighter. I use the shade "Medium."
NYX Illuminating Palette | Picking one favorite drugstore palette is tricky; I do have several, but it just depends on what you're going for, you know? This palette is the one I use the most, which seems like a great vote of confidence. A neutral shimmery eyeshadow always works, and these are the best- beautiful pigment, buttery, blendable. I'm {stupidly} just now realizing that several of these shades could work great as highlighters, as well! Two for one. 
11. Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation | Ok there’s actually 11 on this list! I wasn’t sure if I should include foundation, because I haven’t really used enough to know. I am currently using Photo Focus, and it works great! I actually love the way it smells, it has a very handy spatula applicator, looks great in photos (as advertised), OH and it’s 6 American dollars. I have Desert Beige and Caramel. 

I would love to hear YOUR drugstore favorites too! Share with me below! 

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