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LIFE: I'm not gonna say it...here we are at the end of May, and I can't believe it! It's Summer!!
+  I've been quietly making "small goals" all year, but not sharing them because they've been a) too personal b) too boring or c) too unaccomplished (which, I realize is not exactly how the system works.) But I have to say, I crushed some goals this month & I'm pretty proud. Here's a peek at what I accomplished in May!
+ Rebrand blog | DONE! This was quite a project, but I've been so pleased with the result. Rebrand post here.
+ Finish the Bikini Body Guide | This wasn't necessarily a goal for this month, but as of yesterday, I'm DONE!
+ Renew car registration | See? Boring, but totally important (and, the law, as I was reminded) Check!
+ Renew license | Because it expired this month, as everyone reminded me. Did it last month & got it this month!
+ Co-host my Mom's 60th | DONE & it was so great! Recap here, what I wore here, more pics to come.
+ Bike to work once/week | I'm on the Giving Back Team at work, and this was one of our initiatives for Bike to Work Month! I'm giving myself this one (I'm just a one way trip short. Long story.) This wasn't easy and took a bit of planning, but I really enjoyed starting and ending my work day this way! Hoping to keep biking this Summer.
+ Ok, I'll share one goal I haven't quite nailed- swapping out Winter clothes for Summer clothes, cleaning out my closet, and listing a whole bunch of stuff on Poshmark. See, I'm human.

+ I kicked things off around here last month with a new mantra for me, and shared two Weekend Updates: from when Carina came to town, and I went home for a long weekend for my Mom’s birthday and Katie’s wedding.
+ On the personal style side of things, I wore all my bright colors together because I can’t help it, and debuted a few new favorites in my closet: this Madewell denim dress my girlfriend jeans, and this navy linen romper.

+ I absolutely loved Insecure on HBO and was so excited to read the genius, hilarious Issa Rae’s book Awkward Black Girl. It was a super funny, insightful, light read that I started to balance out finishing East of Eden and finished up this month! Definitely recommend as a pool or beach read!
+ I finished the Bikini Body Guide for the second time, & this time I drank the Kool Aid and ordered Kayla Itsines' 28 Day Lifestyle Guide. More than anything I wanted some healthy recipes to try (it includes a meal plan!) but it's also just a gorgeous coffee table book. Hopefully I can actually make something and share it here. Stay tuned! 
BEAUTY: So, I got a haul this month. I'm just going to highlight (make-up pun) some new favorites for now.
Benefit Cheek Party | I absolutely love anything by Benefit, not only for the branding, but the products themselves! I finally caved & bought this in their "vending machine" at the airport. It includes: Hoola Lite bronzer (cult fave!), Dandelion (soft blush/shimmer), Rockateur (bright blush/shimmer), Sugarbomb (love this- multi-dimensional blush!), & a mini They're Real mascara and gel eyeliner (which is the BEST & I'm obsessed.) This palette was worth it!
Jordana Best Lash mascara | I mentioned I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube Beauty Vloggers this month, specifically, learning about drugstore dupes! THIS random mascara is an alleged dupe of the best, Benefit They're Real! When I heard that, I gasped and immediately went and bought it. I have to say, it's pretty great (and $2.)
Wet n Wild foundation | I haven't worn real foundation in years. Christine recommended this! It's great, especially for someone not used to a full face. Smooth, light coverage, and I love the way it looks! I wear Desert Beige.
Maybelline Age Rewind concealer | Cult fave, added to an Ulta order to use a coupon. Sponge applicator tho! 
+ Wet n Wild highlighter | Coming soon, a post of all the Wet n Wild stuff I love! This in Precious Petals is dreamy. 

SHOPPING: I think I just picked up a few Spring/Summer refresh pieces this month. 
+ clogs | Carina pointed out a great sale & you know I can't resist clogs. I got the "Suzanne" style in pink!
+ tropical dress | The prints in the Old Navy Spring line are to die for! I couldn't resist these bright florals.
+ belt | And who doesn't love snow leopard? I haven't worn this yet, but can't wait to pair it with trousers.
+ striped tights | Because you're always allowed to buy workout clothes & Old Navy's are really great.
+ swimsuit top | Snow leopard x 2! This is my one swim purchase for the season (I have a bunch + don't wear 'em)

POP CULTURE: Would you believe me if I said it was a light month for pop culture for me? 
+ Harry Styles, Harry Styles | This was the big release of the month for me that's been on repeat! I'm absolutely loving his solo debut. I tried to get tickets to the tour but that's a tragic tale. Listen to: Only Angel.
+ twerkout now | My workout playlist, updated weekly, feels like the only other thing I've been listening to!
+ Master of None, Season 2 | I'm a huge fan of Aziz Ansari and loved the first season of this so much! I'm actually only halfway through the second season, but it's so good. And there's a Priya character.
+ podcasts | My only personal flaw is that I don't like podcasts (lol.) The bigger issue being that I have a short attention span and just can't get into them! I did, however, really enjoy an episode of Fresh Air that featured an interview Aziz Ansari. Send your podcast recs to me!
P.S. Let's connect on Spotify!

NASHVILLE: Looking for more Nashville recommendations? Right here! 
5th & Taylor | When Carina was in town we went to dinner at here on Saturday night. The place, cocktails, and bison meatloaf I had were all stupendous! Can't recommend it enough.
+ Gojo Ethiopian | I know I've mentioned this before, but I have to give another shout-out to honestly one of my favorite spots in town! It never lets me down and I kinda want to go next week for my birthday!

Ok, your turn! If you have great life blogging reading beauty shopping pop culture Nashville (or your city!) recs, I would love to hear about them! Share below!!

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