Weekend Update: #60YearsofArja & #NicetobeWong


Several people commented this weekend on how nicely it worked out that my mom’s birthday party was the same weekend as Katie’s wedding- to which I replied, that’s cute, no I totally planned it that way. What happened was as soon as Katie texted me and said, “hey does May 21st sound ok for our wedding?” I sent an email Save the Date to my family that said “hey Mom’s party is May 19th- be there.” So, per absolute usual, it was a jam-packed festive weekend, and that’s just how it has to be when I go home! I say "has to" like I’m complaining- not complaining, I am absolutely amused by it.

I got in Thursday night, made the most of my “Central Time alarm clock” and spent Friday running around with last minute party errands, as well and going to lunch with my parents, Coren & Marisol, & Amir. A completely normal thing that was such a treat to me!

Then together with my partner in crime, (shout-out to Galina!), threw my angel mother the 60th birthday bash of the century! It was a family and friends that feel like family affair through and through. Steph came to hang and take photos (cannot WAIT to share those! THANKS Steph! <3), my brothers played & sang In The Blood (it only takes until the first line of this song before I start weeping), I spent way too many hours on a slideshow, and forced everyone in my family to make a “toast”, including Sundar, who submitted a “video toast” because he just got deployed. And yeah, that was impossible to top. Not a dry eye!

The biggest way I see myself becoming like my mom (I can only hope to be so lucky!) is that MAN I am a crier. I want to reinforce that I am sentimental but not sensitive, and it’s never about sad things. In fact, I’m writing this on the plane and sitting next to a mom with a baby, and an older lady across the aisle just said “I’m a mom too. If you need a third hand, just let me know.” And this is exactly the kind of stuff I’m talking about- I could have cried for the rest of the flight if I allowed myself!

Anyway- the party was a hit. My mom told me she felt loved and celebrated which was really the only thing we needed to accomplish. It was so fun to pamper and celebrate her because she really is the most deserving person. My toast was a thank you for being patient and not selling me to the gypsies, and having an un-rivaled servant’s heart: as evidenced by her helping us prep for the party that day (I was like MOM- GET OUT OF HERE this is your party!) and serving one million meals, and, ultimately, getting thrown up on by my dad’s sister at her own 60 birthday party, because she was helping someone in need (it was less of a “turnt” situation and solely a “she passed out” situation.) I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to be sharing that! But it happened! And she is truly an angel! And today is actually her birthday- Happy Birthday Mom, LYMTL!

After an abbreviated post mortem night out with my sibs, I was up for wedding central! We spent Saturday running around and at the rehearsal & dinner and ultimately forcing Katie to go to sleep as early as possible.

I’ll keep this short because this post has somehow become very long and I will share photos from the wedding and write more about it; but all you need to know is that Katie is the type of friend that will buy YOU lunch the day before her wedding. And I would do absolutely anything she asked me to do, ever. The wedding was such proof that she is that way to ANYONE she meets. There are some friends you just feel lucky to know, and Katie is one of those for me.

I am excited to get to know Jon even more, though we did all go to high school together (actually- there were quite a number of people I graduated with in/at the wedding which was so fun! I got to walk with Kenny who I ADORE but never ever get to see! I also ran into our class president [have I ever mentioned I was Vice President?] and we were like, hey, time to plan our ten year reunion in two years…which, I can’t even talk about. HOW is that possible?) Everything I know about Jon I love! He is very gentle, and kind, and called me to ask/tell me he was going to propose to Katie (i KNOW), and he certainly looked very handsome this weekend!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I love a wedding day, because my only job is to get ready and hang out with my best friends and help the bride! The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, I could not get over the California backdrop. This is going to sound insufferable but especially after just reading East of Eden I couldn’t stop gaping at how beautiful the Bay Area is. It really has become the age old question for me, Nashville or the Bay…

I wept through the ceremony that Katie’s sweet dad conducted (naturally) and Katie walking down the aisle with her veil blowing in the wind and the hilly California backdrop and the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack playing was a moment for life if there ever was one!

I got to make the playlist which really freaked me out, but, it turned out great! And was really fun! And I’ve never danced to The Thizzle Dance at a wedding before! #bayroots

Ok, I’m excited to be back in Nashville to kick off Summer time, but California, see ya real soon.

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