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| lip: Rimmel Moisture Renew in Red Alert | earrings: Madewell | dress: Madewell | clogs: Swedish Hasbeen {similar} | tote: gift (Nordstrom) |

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Y'all (remind me to tell you the story about when I was hostessing at a restaurant in Nashville and I said "y'all" and someone said "you're not from around here are you?") first of all: THANK YOU for your kind comments, tweets, and texts in response to the new Priya the Blog! I've been working on this for months and when I finally deployed, was kinda frustrated and ready to get it over with, totally not realizing what a morale booster this would be for me personally. Thank you, thank you. So excited about this.

If you stepped away from perfectly Priya for a minute and you're like what the H is going on --> check out this post! Basically everything around here is updated, so be sure and take a look at my About page, Blogs I Love, and the page where you can shop my favorites. Also a heads up that the posts in the "filmstrip" above are my most popular for the last year or so, and probably a great place to start. Last thing and then I'll shut up about it for a while, ye olde blog Twitter is also shiny and new! Let's connect!

This outfit is 100% comprised of my favorites, lately. And I believe for the first time in the history of this blog, this entire look is available for you to shop, right now! Check out that widget below or the links above! My wardrobe is so random/old/secondhand most of the time, I swear.

I originally wore this for day two of stage hosting at our big annual conference: it took me from emceeing all day, to our wrap party, to a comedy show, to a crashing a bachelor party; feeling fresh and comfy all the while! I just want you to know the rigorous tests I put these outfits through before I share them with the world!

I hear mixed reviews about how comfy wooden clogs actually are, but I think because I spend a lot of time wearing uncomfortable shoes, the thick wooden heels really do it for me.

This look was perfect again for a ramen date when my sister was in town the other weekend. Give me all the "sack dresses", seriously, so that I can eat my ramen and then eat her ramen when she doesn't. I finally got my hands on some tassel earrings! And I want a medal because this is probably the first tube of lipstick I bought (long enough ago that I'm embarrassed about it and won't tell you when) and now it's down to the nub!

Ok, what's new with you? #TeamSackDresses or nah? I'm in Nashville for a short week, before I head to California tomorrow for my mom's 60th birthday party on Friday and Katie's wedding on Sunday! Flying back to CA for a weekend of festivities is totally the norm around here. You can tagalong on Twitter and Instagram, and I'll be back here next week, 100.

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Thank you to my Little Peanut for snapping these photos for me!

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