Mohair, Mo' Problems

Friday, September 22

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| lipstick: Urban Decay Vice in Tampered | sweater: Zara {similar} | purse: vintage {similar} | jeans: Urban Outfitters | trainers: Superga

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Hi friends! I thought the title Mohair, Mo' Problems was so clever, though, ironically, I have less hair than the last time you saw me! I got a little, much-needed refresher cut on Monday. Hardly noticeable. 

What else is new...well, both this fuzzy sweater and my Supergas! I picked them both up in Rome and I am obsessed! I don't know where this deep longing for a fuzzy sweater came from, exactly, but it's so fun and reminds me of elementary school. I'm totally getting "back to school" vibes with a fresh pair of white kicks as well. Superga is officially "the people's shoe of Italy", isn't that fun? I'd always admired them on other people, but then my sister and I realized "When in Rome..." haha. When in Rome, buy anything European that you've been wanting (Supergas, Birkenstocks, Zara stuff) because it's all cheaper there! 

Happy first day of Fall! This feels like the perfect "transitioning into Fall" look; but if you're wondering if it's still WAY too hot to be wearing any kind of sweater in Nashville, the answer is yes. 

Do you guys have big plans this weekend?? I really...don't! We have a volunteer thing on Saturday, but otherwise I'll be hanging out with a few dogs, getting a few sweaty 5K training runs in, and hopefully lots of reading and relaxing. I mean, I can waste time alone like nobody's business. Have a great one!

photos (and this amazing location, isn't it dreamy??) by Miles Price
OH I need you to know that after Miles & I got back from taking these photos, mosquito bitten, sweat running down my back, I sat down and A BUG FLEW OUT from under my sweater. This blog is literally going to kill me one day.

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Packing List: 10 Days in Italy

Wednesday, September 20

It's packing list time! I haven't done one of these since my trip to Europe last year because honestly they are a lot of freaking work BUT extremely helpful to look back on. Packing is a stressful part of traveling that I don't love, and it's silly to think that it can actually affect your trip. I had the mantra "Stuff ruins trips" (via Man Repeller) in mind this time around, and I think I did a pretty decent job!

This post is going to be long so let's just go for it! 
Nashville style blog, Priya the Blog, Packing List: 10 Days in Italy, packing list, what to pack for a trip to Italy, vacation packing list, travel, packing for a 10 day trip to Italy
The Trip:
Destination | the island of Sardinia, Italy and Rome, Italy
Forecast | highs in the mid-80's lows in the high 60's, mostly sunny and warm, some rain
Notable activities | beach time in Sardinia, lots of walking in Rome, a few nights out (mostly casual) 

The List: I've linked to exact when possible or similar otherwise.
Not included here | toiletries, undergarments, make-up, jewelry, carry-on stuff, hi-waist bikini bottoms
Nashville style blog, Priya the Blog, Packing List: 10 Days in Italy, packing list, what to pack for a trip to Italy, vacation packing list, travel, packing for a 10 day trip to Italy

I'll keep my commentary to a minimum here, but a couple notes:
+ My color palette, as you can probably guess, was white, blue/denim, and pink. Sticking to a palette for packing was something I ignored for years, but I promise it is so helpful.
+ Another thing you might notice is that I stuck to three in every category. I find it so helpful to pack like this! Pick a number, based on the duration of your trip (not an exact science), and stick to it.
+ As a general rule, I never pack any "one hit wonders." I wore each of these items multiple times (apart from the white tanks.) The white dress specifically was meant to double for a night out/beach cover-up (since I only technically packed one "cover-up.") The other exception was the off-the-shoulder dress, which, I had specifically in mind for one nicer night out. No regrets packing it for one night where it worked perfectly (that full outfit here!) 
Nashville style blog, Priya the Blog, Packing List: 10 Days in Italy, packing list, what to pack for a trip to Italy, vacation packing list, travel, packing for a 10 day trip to Italy
black one-piece | Rosé one-piece | snow leopard swim top | purple bikini | tunic | romper | denim jacket | tights | shorts | sports bra | top | Nike trainers | Rainbows | clogs

+ I knowingly packed one more swimsuit than I really needed, but the novelty suits were like a point of the trip! Otherwise, I was pleased that my suits were mix & max. I never wore my black hi-waisted bottoms (and forgot to include them here!) but that was mostly for tan line reasons. 
+ My sister told me I didn't need many nicer options, and I never had the opportunity to wear the romper. 
+ The denim jacket was mostly for chilly plane rides, but it also worked for when the sun went down!
+ Regardless of if I'm training for something or planning to workout, I don't travel without activewear of some kind (because I can't sit still.) My sister is training for a marathon so I ran with her one day, otherwise, we went on several walks/a hike-ish but I didn't need the tights. 
+ Shoes were the thing I would have loved to have more of, but really didn't need. But I did get sick of wearing these three pairs over and over again. 

+ I never travel without a scarf! This one is oversized and was perfect for wrapping up in on the plane.
+ This doesn't include jewelry (simple studs/necklace for everyday, a couple pairs of statement earrings.) 
+ My beloved reversible leather tote was a dream of a carry-on, and of course it was filled to the brim with ish. I'm considering doing a separate post about what I had in my carry-on, would anyone be interested in that? I always love "what's in my bag" posts. Literally if one person cares, I'll do it for ya! Let me know. Otherwise I may not have the strength for another flat lay haha    

The Outfits: Thanks to my sister for taking SO MANY pictures of me. Jeez. 
Nashville style blog, Priya the Blog, Packing List: 10 Days in Italy, packing list, what to pack for a trip to Italy, vacation packing list, travel, packing for a 10 day trip to Italy
+ I feel like you can get a really good vibe of the whole trip from this nifty little collage. I did wear multiple outfits in one day but it was mostly transitioning; beach to casual dinner, day to night in Rome, etc.
+ MVPS: drawstring pants, striped button-up, Madewell Courier dress (worn in Rome), Nike trainers
+ Didn't wear or need: romper, black hi-waist bottoms, white cotton tank, active tights

The Verdict: The three little assessment questions I like to ask myself.
+ Did I like what I wore? | I did! It all felt v Italian vacation-y but still v Pri.
+ Did I feel comfortable/prepared? | Comfy, YES, and maybe just slightly over-prepared, that's my only edit.
+ Did "stuff ruin my trip"? | Nope. AND I had room to bring back souvenirs and new clothes. Success!

OK. I would love to hear your thoughts! Did I look cool, what did I forget, what should I have left out, what do you never leave home without? And if you made it to the end, THANKS for reading!

All of my packing lists right here.
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When in Rome

Saturday, September 16

| earrings: Old Navy {similar} | lip: Aveda nourish-mint in Cana | necklace: gift {similar} | blouse: Ann Taylor Loft | drawstring pants: Old Navy {similar} | clogs: Swedish Hasbeen {same in tan} | purse: vintage {save / splurge / love this "Ostrich leather" one!} |

Well good Saturday evening to you all! I basically never post on weekends (like, ever) but I really didn't want to be dragging my Italy trip out forever, hah. I did share a bunch of pictures & my full trip re-cap earlier this week (not like a typical blog post about's more like, run-on sentences of me sharing my "clever" observations) and my first look from the trip (off-the-shoulder chambray on the island of Sardinia- yay.) Here's my second and final look from my trip (promise)!

This could easily be some outfit inspo for your Saturday night, regardless of what you're doing! If you're going out on the town, you're covered (and can walk for dayzzz in clogs.) If you're at a casual hang watching football (I understand this is what people are doing today?) swap the clogs for sandals or slides and skip your college tee. And if you're traveling, I promise you, these pants are a dream (just be sure and bring something long-sleeved.)

For the second Europe trip in a row, these linen drawstring pants from Old Navy have been my packing capsule MVP. I just want you all to have them!! They are so easy breezy and comfortable for traveling (I'm talking 24+ hours both ways) and transition to a chic night out-fit so well. They also work in a pinch every time I wake up late for work- a cool, simple look that doesn't look schleppy- done! I am actually selling an identical pair on Poshmark (these are a Petite and slightly shorter, but not much at all) and this pair from Nordstrom seems really similar. If I have never given you anything else from reading this blog- you need some drawstring pants. Trust me.

I had this exact outfit in mind for a night out in Rome, actually, and that's what these pictures are from! After a day running from the Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain to the Coliseum, we stopped for a quick costume change, and then it was out to dinner and drinks. We stayed in the Trastevere neighborhood which was absolutely delightful- so many great gelaterias, pizzarias, trattorias and shops, and all just steps away from our Airbnb! All of the sights are walking distance away, but the neighborhood definitely felt a lot more chill and local, and with a bustling night life! Full re-cap of my trip to Italy right here

I'm hoping between unpacking my suitcase and doing laundry and cleaning sand off my floor this weekend, I'll get my packing post together- stay tuned! Enjoy the weekend!!