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| jacket: from Carina | top: H&M | necklace: gift (J.Crew) | leggings: Zella | booties: Target |

A few weeks ago, I got a little bonus from work; and promptly decided to use most of it to go shopping. I attempted to not buy any new clothing in 2015, and we all know how that turned out, (intervals of not shopping at all and then shopping sprees, basically). I would say overall I have bought less for myself in 2015 than I normally do. All that to say, I rationalized using a bonus to get a few new pieces (I also bought a birthday gift and like, shampoo or something.)

I was really excited to go into H&M, and immediately set my eyes on this stripey blouse. I looked around the whole store, but nothing else seemed quite as appealing (ha- but I totally bought other stuff too.) Having already worn it a handful of times, I would say I made the right decision. Liking something as soon as you walk into a store, and thinking about it the whole time you shop is indicative of a good purchase (see: these pants.)

I originally wore this outfit out to dinner the other weekend with Amir and Hunter in Charlotte, NC. I've since worn it to work and out to meet my middle school friend, Melissa, who was visiting Nashville.

I don't think I really mentioned in my other outfit post from this weekend trip how much I loved seeing my brother. He is a GEM. A gem who just ran a freaking fast 800m to walk on the track team for his final semester of college #sisterbrag.
A couple more from that weekend: Steph Curry also went to Davidson which is pretty awesome, we ate dinner at Tupelo Honey (fantastic) and I hugged Amir as many times as I could. Please forgive the lighting.

I should also note that I've always wanted to take outfit photos on train tracks (such a ridiculous blogger thing/rite of passage) well, I finally got my chance! To the right of these tracks was the shop I took my car to before we headed back to Nashville. Blogging is all about seizing opportunity!

Hope you're doing well, friends. As usual, all I want to do is sleep forever, but life is good. 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

congrats on your bonus. You can never go wrong with a stripe shirt.


Unknown said...

The train track photos are so important to bloggerhood haha, great that you snagged the opportunity!
Also, I have a very similar (potentially the same) top from H&M and it's my go-to when I'm trying to look more polished!


Kristian said...

I used to live somewhere with a lot of train tracks- and old abandoned trains and train tacks, but I never shot photos there... but yes, it definitely is a blogger rite of passage (I missed out!)

You look so cute in this top and your hair is ROCKIN' in those photos. You and your brother sound like lovely siblings.

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

What else would you spend a bonus on if not new clothes?? Priya, you look incredible! Love the train track backdrop and you're killin' it in your leathr jacket!

Alysia Avé said...

Bonus = Treat yo self.
These pics are so beautiful! Your outfit is super cute and the train tracks make such a great setting!

Alysia Ave

Brynn said...

Yep, you look like a total rockstar, girl! Love this outfit.

Priya said...

You'll get your chance, I know it! Thanks Kristian!!

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