Snapshots of Life, XII: The PSL Edition!

How better to title my snapshots of life from this past Fall than the one thing that has become quintessentially Autumnal: the sweet, spicy, seasonal goodness of a pumpkin spice latte.

This Fall was great. It's my favorite season. Beautiful (warm) weather persists in Nashville until well into November, but I wasn't complaining. Here's a round-up of random things that happened, that didn't warrant their own blog post, but I don't want to forget! 
September (left to right)
Hunter bought us matching Vols t-shirts that were perfect for a college football kick-off party 
just a #natureselfie while at Rock Island over Labor Day Weekend
I got a clothing rack! I can literally write an entire blog post about how it has changed my life. Iteration #1 ^
One more selfie from the weekend my brothers were in town (at Fall Creek Falls!)
I finally had a mini-high-school reunion with two friends that live in town. We all ran cross-country together! TKA! 
We had a ping-pong "Fall Classic" at work, and this was the trophy.
Our annual haunted house for charity: Nightmare Daycare! I'm the scary school nurse, Art is a giant Elmo zombie.
Two of my favorite little twins visited me at the office on Halloween and said "We'we dawgs!"
This is Melissa, one of my friends from middle school who visited Nashville. We had a great night out! SO fun seeing her.
Naturally when Hunter and I visited Amir in NC, I bought horse tattoos at Cracker Barrel and made us all put one on.
Meet my buddy Grayson who IS (and I KNEW he would be) the best baby ever. <3 
The only thing that REALLY matters right now is my brother Coren got engaged! Congrats Coren & Marisol!!!

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Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You had quite the eventful fall! Those little dalmatians are just too cute!

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