Packing List: For a Long Weekend {Fall Edition}

Seems like I'm always packing for a long weekend away! A few weeks ago, Hunter and I spent the weekend in North Carolina, hanging with my younger brother Amir. I made a similar trip around the same time last year, and knew it would be a showcase for perfect Fall weather (& outfits!)

Let's take a look at what I packed:
not pictured: undergarments, workout outfit, toiletries (*also* sorry these pictures kinda suck. It's just so DARK!)

I was actually excited to put together a mini-Fall-capsule, featuring the best parts of Fall fashion: booties, sweaters, flannels, and leggings. Weather was slated to be bright but cool, and I knew there'd be some relaxed/athletic hanging around, as well as a night out, and church on Sunday. There was also a road-trip component of the trip to keep in mind!
H&M silky button-up, Urban Outfitters plaid button-up, Scooby Doo graphic tee

This full outfit post has somewhat of a love letter about this striped H&M blouse. All I seem to be wearing these days is a combo of leggings + a blouse (for better or for worse...) and I bought this one specifically with that in mind. It's perfect for a night-out, without much thought otherwise. The flannel was selected to wear with a skirt to church, for the ride back, (and possibly for hanging around on Saturday.) Finally, meet my favorite t-shirt, unironically. I may lose all fashion blogger cred (that I have?!) but it's really comfortable, always makes me happy, and makes me think of Tuppy (who I stole it from.)
Gap Factory purple leggings, Zella black leggings, Old Navy floral skirt

Guys, here's my dilemma right now: I'm having trouble wearing real pants. That aren't leggings. Recently I realized I was constantly schlepping around in my sweats from college; and wearing my Zella leggings too often, so I bought a FEW more pairs at Gap Factory. And now I'm really struggling to wear anything else. This purple pair ^ IS my life. The Zellas make for the most comfortable night out. And I brought a skirt because I realized I had a problem.
leather jacket from Carina, Express wrap sweater from Lauren

Funny story about this leather jacket: I don't know where it came from. I mean, I got it from Carina, but that's all we really know. Someone left it in her car. It's a great "bomber style" that I don't already have, and it layers so well over a silk blouse. This wrap sweater was sent to me by the wonderful Lauren, and I lived in it all weekend! Maximum cozy.
J.Crew statement necklace (gift), lip crayon via Birchbox, headband from Michael's, Kate Spade crossbody

Not a fantastic show of accessories here, folks! Obviously I didn't put much thought into it. I wore the same earrings, simple necklace, and watch all weekend, and just used the statement necklace for our evening out. I was excited to try out this lip crayon because I had just received it in my Birchbox! The color is a fantastic bright red, and it's super easy to apply (wearing it in this post.) I guess I never mentioned that I got this crossbody purse at the Kate Spade outlet recently. I love that it's neutral AND metallic. I've been using it pretty regularly. 
Target booties, Mizuno trainers, sparkly Toms

Shoes are always hard to narrow down. I planned to wear the booties pretty much the whole weekend (I've been living in them anyway, so, fine with me!) I never leave my house without trainers, and naturally we went on a run and kicked around on campus. I wore the Toms (which I've had forever and have never made it on my blog!) for the trip there and back, and to the basketball game.  

Here are the outfits I wore over the weekend, using the items above! I figured you didn't need a full post of my ridiculous road-trip outfit (even a little embarrassed sharing this here...if you see me on the road, say hello!) 

In my packing tips post, I finally wrote down the why behind taking time to pack smart: to better enjoy my trips, instead of feeling anxious because I'm not prepared.

Since then, I ask myself a few simple questions after a trip, to gauge whether my packing capsule was a success:
  • Did I like what I wore? I really did. The wrap sweater over the skirt was an idea, and I loved how it turned out!
  • Did I feel prepared? Yup. I borrowed a Davidson tee for the game, but otherwise had exactly what I needed.
  • Did living out of a bag detract from the experience? Nope! Having what I needed helped us go go go!

So then I say: hi-fives all around! This packing list was a success. What are your tips for packing successfully?

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Love seeing what you packed. Also you came up with 3 great outfit with the item you took.


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

You're always going on weekend trips and you're outfits are always on point, so you clearly know what you're doing when you're packing for trips! I feel like I always over pack or under pack!
Sincerely, Sara

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