Monthly Goals, May

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New Orleans, May 2015

It's a rainy Sunday night in my apartment, and I'm getting ready for the start of a new week, a new month, and a new age for me (this Friday!) This coming month also marks that 2015 is halfway through...uh, WUT. I mentioned April felt like a very long month, but May just flew by, you guys! I feel like I was just celebrating Jenae's bachelorette weekend, but that was a month ago now! It's that part of the month where I take a look at how I did for my monthly resolutions for the year

In a word- pretty dang decent. I saw my first, completely new place this year (New Orleans- last weekend!) I'm counting Newsies as my live music for the month. The show was incredible, and now all I really want is season tickets to our performing arts center. I believe I saw every single member of my family this month (double checking...yup!), spread across Jenae's bachelorette weekend when I went home, and this past weekend. I knocked the letter writing out of the park, evening sending one to my Finnish grandma, whom I hadn't written to in a while! 

My one word motto for the month was wellness (broke this one down a little more here.)  I'm gonna go ahead and boldly state that I did the best this month that I've done all year for a one word motto! My consuming was definitely better. I doubt I will ever be perfect at this, but having healthy options in my fridge to eat and generally eating less sure helped. Apart from the two little trips I took (because who manages to exercise on vacation? Seriously?!) I've been consistently exercising, and as of last week, started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (accountabilty partner: Carina.) I'm three workouts in and will definitely continue to update on how it's going (but not with bikini mirror selfies...sorry.) So far- I like that there's a good variance of exercises, the routines take 28 minutes, and on the other days I guess to do "low intensity cardio." I'm still in pre-training so I know that will change :p Kayla does not mess around, even the pre-training circuits have wiped me out a little! 

My faults for the month: hosting people for dinner and reading a book. I did have folks at my place Friday night, just didn't officially serve dinner, and Carina lent me The Girl on the Train, which I'm very excited to read. Hopefully it ends my funk of not reading this year! It's been pitiful.

How did you do on your goals for the month, or resolutions for the year so far? What will June be bringing you? 


Larissa said...

This picture from New Orleans is wonderful and I am sure its a great place to visit. Lucky you that you got the chance last month. I cant believe that today is already June 1st. Time flies! My little one is already six weeks! I really cant believe it. I do not really have any goals for June and I did not have any for May, I guess my one goal for the rest of the year is to be there for my baby 24/7 and to give her as much love and care as I can :)
Have a great Monday dear Priya!

Ash @ The Nashvillian said...

I'm halfway through The Girl On The Train right now...it's an exciting read!

reshma said...

Wow, you really did hit it out of the park! So sweet that you wrote a letter to your grandma. Wellness should definitely be my monthly goal for June. I've been so terrible in May with my eating haven't worked out as well. I have a 5K coming up, plus a trip to Jamica. I should definitely need to whip my body in shape asap!

Anonymous said...

I did so poorly on my goals for the month, I'm going to blame exhaustion, being on tour, having a daily schedule completely out of whack. I did like 6 out of about 20 goals which is awful. Nada rewards for me and here's to trying a hell of a lot harder in June! X

Priya said...

Six weeks already?! Time sure does fly. That is a good goal for you for sure :) will we ever get to see her or her name??

Priya said...

Both the 5K and Jamaica (maybe more Jamaica) sound amazing! It is so so hard to exercise on vacation, so I hope you get some good stuff in before then!

Sonya Ann K said...

oh girl, the photo is so great! I love the tone! <3
Hope June treats you well, good luck for the other goals :)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Congrats on doing so well on your goal! Food is such a weakness for me. I'm lazy with food. I don't like to cook so we go out a lot, and not always eating healthy. Then the night hits and I want to eat all the junk. And sugar, don't even get me started. So great job on that Priya! New Orleans would be such a fun place to visit--plus seeing all of your family this month must have been so nice!

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