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Welcome to a "typical" week in my life as a working actor living in Nashville, TN. Well, that's what I hoped for anyway. I never could have guessed what this week had in store for me! Come along for the ride!

I recently watched a "Day in My Life as a Working Actor" vlog (shout-out to Sam Valentine @One Broke Actress !) and was inspired to tape my own. I jumped into what I thought would be a normal week and hoped for the best; prepping & taping auditions, going to class, etc. 

WELL - this week ended up being a lot more "exciting" than I planned. Exciting, tumultuous, emotional, high, low, all the things. TBH not a week I would have chosen to vlog during if I knew, but I SHOULD have known that there's really no such thing as a "normal" week as a working actor because literally anything can happen at any time. 

Whether you're an actor or not, I hope you enjoy the vlog! If you are an actor, this is about to be relatable as hell. If not, maybe you're curious about what the actual day-to-day life is like for a working actor (honestly, what do I do all day?!) If you're an actor not living in Nashville, Tennessee, maybe you're curious what the scene is like here - I did my best to showcase it! 

Come along for this rollercoaster of a week that included a live virtual callback, rehearsing for scene study class, daily workouts, general musing about actor life right now, improv class, ~the waiting game~, audition prep, chatting with my agent, + lots of non-actor-y goodness that makes up my life right now (snuggling with my dogs, side hustles galore, current favorites, hanging with my husband, Art) + a lot more. Spend the week with me!

Actors and non-actors, would love to discuss anything I cover in the video, answer questions, or literally commiserate. Drop me a line below! 


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