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| earrings: Kate Spade | lip: Too Faced Melted lipstick in Strawberry | blouse: vintage via Any Old Iron {similar} | jeans: Urban Outfitters | heels: Kate Spade {similar} | 

Hey out there! Welcome to the newly rebranded Priya the Blog. I'm so excited to share it with you!

After blogging for a few years and deciding it was definitely something I wanted to keep doing, I made a goal to freshen up this space this year, and continued to think long and hard about a new name and a new look. My angle being: if blogging is something I want to do like, forever, I need a name (and a domain name!) and a "brand" that will always feel like me.

But first, a little more backstory. I started blogging in 2012 after suddenly inheriting a good chunk of free time. Like so many other bloggers, I had followed several blogs for while, wanted but hesitated to start my own, and finally just decided to go for it! I've always maintained that since I'm such an avid (--> obsessive) journalist, blogging seemed like the perfect extension of that; on a platform to share with people, adding in the element of community, as well as sharing photography, music, etc. etc. online. Like, if I write about a song in my journal, I can’t link it to Spotify, ya dig? perfectly Priya felt like it fit me then, but it just doesn't anymore. I'm not even sure where I was going with that. Still a recovering perfectionist, though ;)

SO while it may not be the most creative, my first name is the one thing that will never change. The other thing that likely won't change is anything about my blog ;) I don't have a "here's where I'm heading" strategy or plans to make it a full-time thing. I'm proud that this little blog has remained exactly how I've wanted it, since I started, and I think that's why I still love blogging as much as I do. I'm just gonna keep writing about whatever I want, ok? 

I'm sure I'll be tweaking things forever, and I'm still working out a few kinks- and on that note, if you spot one, please help a sister out!

Huge thank you to wonderful Adriane for taking these pictures (and so many others), and my talented friend Kevin for designing my header! Couldn't have done it without you guys! 

I guess this is kinda an outfit post too, but the only note I have about this look is that it feels very Priya, and the next five outfit posts feature the same jeans because I cannot stop wearing them. OH- and these pictures were taken at the mural in my neighborhood, which I love SO MUCH.

Ok, love you guys! Thank you, truly, for your support that comes in a million ways. Thanks for reading! Onward!


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