SEPTEMBER / one to remember

+ Hey there! Like always, I can't believe we're already at the end of another month! September was fantastic for me; I spent the first 10 days in Italy, I'm feeling more emotional clarity than I have in a while, we're around the corner from what I've determined is MY Christmas season [F A L L] and the month really ended with a bang with some exciting news at work this week. More on all of this, later :)

+ Small Goals | Only 2 for the month: hair cut (check!) & sign up for a race (check! Nashville Oktoberfest 5K.)

+ Post Italy, I was excited to start training for a race, and even made a mock up training plan. WELL. Life, and this dang Indian Summer, has definitely gotten in the way of training. I was probably too optimistic about it, anyway! But I’m not worried. I’ll be racing next Saturday and I know it’ll be fun regardless. 

+ Shopping | This time of year is when I shop the most, historically. We made our rounds at Zara in Italy, where I found my tapestry skirt & white tee (worn here), pom pom earrings, fuzzy sweater (worn here), and structured leggings. While in Europe, I also bought Birkenstocks and Supergas (worn here.)

Last weekend I went to H&M to solidify my uniform for the Fall: oversized sweater + Zara leggings + booties. I got three big sweaters, a fuzzy cardigan (all the fuzzy sweaters please, thanks) a pink ringer tee, the most fabulous patent leather skirt, a velvet skater skirt, and a suede baseball cap! Finally, because of the Shopbop sale, I ordered two pairs of black booties to try AND finally, the Mara Hoffman swimsuit of my dreams on SUPER sale! I have so much great new stuff that I am pumped to wear this Fall (and share on the blog! Stay tuned!) Linked to as much as I could below. 

+ Reading | I had heard great things about The Secret History (and Donna Tartt, generally), so I read it on my trip. Gorgeous backdrop and interesting characters, but it was all a little weird. You know me, I like my plots tied with a bow at the end, and there didn't seem to be much resolution? I also started The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters (which I had tried to listen to once before) and I am just finishing up Where Am I Now, Mara Wilson's "memoir", which everyone needs to read immediately! Every page of it has been a delight.

+ Watching | Broad City is BACKKK and still the best! I also had to watch Rough Night because I'll watch anything with Ilana Glazer. It had an all-star cast, and some funny moments, for sure; but the plot was all over the place and too narrow, at the same time, if possible. I am SO excited to check out the Lady Gaga doc on Netflix, Gaga 5'2", anyone watch it yet? 

+ Podcasts | I don't listen to podcasts, but I started Up & Vanished for my trip. I would say, it's worth listening to, but brace yourself because there is a LOT of material. I listened to it the whole way to Italy and I'm still trying to finish it. Someone tell me if it is worth listening to the end? Payne is super annoying. 

+ TunesNicole got me thinking about my favorite Fall albums, so here's a few that will get you in the Autumnal spirit (music just sounds better in the Fall, doesn't it?): Forever For Now - LP, Two - Liza Anne, Cleopatra - The Lumineers, The Voyager - Jenny Lewis. a really good hipster playlist has also been on heavy rotation for me (alsooo are we connected on Spotify?)

+ Nashville | MILK & HONEY is literally the only thing that matters in this whole post. M&H is a Chattanooga transplant that has FINALLY opened in Nashville. It’s the kind of place where you’ll want one of everything- baked goods (I flip out over their blueberry “pop tarts”), fancy coffees, grab & go foods, and delicious full breakfast and lunch. RUN, don’t walk!
I would love to hear about the best parts of your September! Share with me, below. 

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