7 Poshmark Tips & Tricks

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So I'm kinda obsessed with Poshmark these days. I'm sure you've heard of it- the app that lets you sell items right out of your closet, and shop others' closets at the same time!

I was a late adopter, and if you're like me, you might be thinking "surely I don't have things in my closet that people would be interested in!" But trust me, you really do!

I can summarize why I love it so much in two points:

1) It allows me to make a little money on things I would have otherwise given away for free. Which is closely linked to

2) It has helped me clean out my closet. Previously I had held on to items that I did not wear (because of fit or otherwise) simply because at one point, someone spent a considerable amount on them. Knowing I can make a little back completely takes that "guilt" away. Even gifted items that fit me at one time are fair game, because isn't it better to turn them into something new I could actually benefit from?

I also love how user-friendly it is. You can literally snap & upload photos with your phone, and Poshmark takes out the messy part about postage by sending you a pre-paid label. USPS picks up at my office so it is literally SO easy for me to do.

I've had some blog friends & real friends that have asked me about using the app, so I thought I'd compile my quick advice in one place, for anyone starting out (or otherwise!)

1. Give them the 411 | Shout-out to Jess for this. Literally, the more info you can provide about your item, the better! Details about material, fit, and wear are essential. I always like to say WHY I'm selling an item- just to show I'm not trying to swindle anyone (90% of the time something doesn't fit me, and the other 10% is that it's become neglected.) Suggestions on how to wear are also great!

2. Pics or it won't happen. | Bloggers have a leg-up on this one- chances are you have some gorgeous photos of you wearing the item already! People generally love to see photos of you wearing something- show 'em how to style it! I've also experimented with "laying out an outfit". Like with any photography, the biggest thing to keep in mind is LIGHTING- think about it, if you saw an item listed on gross carpet with murky lighting, you would pass too.
*Pro tip*: if there's a great item in your closet that sits for too long- try changing up your cover image!

3. Start by listing your items high- | But don't fib on your "original price" to make your deal seem better. Try to make this as accurate as possible- I will literally Google an item and find something similar if I can't remember how much I paid for something. I would advise initially pricing your items higher than you actually intend on selling them for, and then slash those prices baby.
*Pro tip*: anytime someone "likes" one of your items- they are automatically notified when you lower the price. I have made several sales this way!

4. But make peace with selling them low. | Be prepared to sell items for pretty cheap. I would say the average price my items go for is about $13 (I'm selling mostly in the Urban Outfitters/Old Navy range.) If you have high end or designer stuff to sell, I would actually recommend taking them to a consignment shop or using another service, I doubt you'll get what you're hoping for on Posh.

5. Don't be afraid of offers- but don't be afraid to counter-offer. | Most sellers are looking to get rid of stuff- and will happily take your reasonable offer. So there's a tip for shopping! Likewise, 90% of the time, I accept the offers people make me. However, don't be afraid to counter-offer or meet in the middle on an item you think is worth a little more. Great items can totally sit for a while before they sell, it happens!

6. Be a party animal! | Shout-out to Danielle for this one! Probably my most valuable piece of advice. "Posh Parties" last an hour or so and are literally just a time to share items in a category. These are a fantastic way to give your items exposure and get those likes! I try to share a couple items at every party- it takes just a few seconds.
*Pro tip*: Go into your settings and turn ON your notifications for parties- you'll get a pop up on your phone!

7. Tie it with a bow. | This can make such a difference in a sale. I always take a minute to write a quick thank you note (I am genuinely thankful- people are helping me!) and tell them I'd appreciate a good review if they had a good experience with my shop and love their item. Reviews on your closet can make a huge difference. Then I wrap my item in pretty paper and make sure it's securely packaged. This doesn't take long, but makes all the difference.

EDIT 6/22/20: Still using Poshmark and loving it, and you all are still loving this post! I wanted to add one thing that has changed since I initially wrote this post.

8. You can now sell men's clothing! | I have had a decent amount of success selling things for Art, too - like button-ups, jeans, and sneakers. So don't be shy, clean out your man's closet together (or your roommate, brother, guy friend, etc. etc.)

And there you have it! So far I've made a few hundred dollars using the app, and I only share that to say; while I'm not an expert, I've had some success, even while selling items really steeply discounted.

By the way- this post was not sponsored by Poshmark in any way. I've just really enjoyed using it, and thought this might encourage you to do the same!

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Oh, and one more shameless plug to shop my closet, if you're interested!

If you've had experience using Poshmark and I'm missing out on some stellar advice- I'd love to hear it!

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