weekend update: walking in Memphis/backyard concert

   What a wonderful weekend! Some really exciting things happened. First off, Friday I left school a bit early to head home to Memphis with my pal, Meredith. We were only on the road trip home when the first awesome thing happened: we stopped at a Gas Station/Indian Restaurant in Jackson. I'm serious.

This was completely random, we had stopped to get a bite to eat and were extremely intrigued. Of course I support all things Indian so we had to try Taste of India (under new management). 
We were very pleased to find an Indian grocery store! Complete with biscuits, mango juice, and all my favorite Indian things. 
Naturally I advised Meredith and she ordered some roti (bread) stuffed with peas and cauliflower, with yogurt on the side. This place was legit. We watched the old Indian man (that reminded me of my dad) pound the flour on a stone in the back room while his little Indian wife fired up the stove. We made a new friend that was running the cash register, his name is Uvi (Yuvi?). I had one of those dumb gringo moments that went like this, Me: So, where are you guys from? Uvi: India. Me: ...right. Where in India? U: Punjab. Me: I'VE BEEN THERE! U: Cool. 

Then it was back on the road with our mango juice and roti that Dith ate at the wheel. What a trooper. A word on that mango juice. Have no qualms about purchasing a Frooti if ever you find one, they are incredible. 

 We arrived in Memphis that afternoon to spend the weekend with Dith's parents and brother, Seth. Dith's mother Beth is one of the most hilarious, best cooks I know! That's one of my favorite parts of visiting her home; Beth spoils us like crazy with the most amazing appetizers and food ever. This is especially nice for two starving college students. 
 delicious cantaloupe 
 7-layer dip, (sour cream mixed with taco seasoning!)
 the cutest little spring salad

I didn't even include the deviled eggs. I ate probably a dozen eggs total this weekend. I realize that sounds pretty gross. But I'm determined to learn to make them! I think this would make me more attractive as a homemaker.

We went out on the town a little that evening to Bosco's and Alex's Tavern, just her family and I. We spent the evening laughing at each other and listening to oldies from a jukebox.

 beth, seth, and merideth
.Travy and I, isn't he the cutest?

Saturday we slept in and then spent a full day out and about. Dith went to the dentist, we visited our favorite boutique, Wish (I got two dresses and a belt that I am so pumped about!) and Gigi's cupcakes!

My very first cupcake from Gigi's and I am in love. I had red velvet and Dith had something like chocolate midnight magic. Both incredible. 
We also stopped by Kroger to check her parent's lottery tickets. Don't try to cheat the lottery because there are security cameras. 

Beth always sends me home with a variety of treasures, including our little "happy" (Easter basket) and THESE "redneck wine glasses" which I am SO excited about!
How creative is that?

Sunday we drove back and that evening I was lucky enough to see Jillian Edwards, Johnny Stimpson, and Jake Ousley in a backyard concert! If you have never listened to Jillian Edwards, you must MUST! I was introduced to her my freshman year by my good friend Michael McEachern (another talented musician to check out) and she is nothing short of incredible. Her music is beautiful and very catchy. I would vouch for all of her songs, available on iTunes. 

I have been dying to see her in concert forever! Huntee, Dith and I walked to a house down the street and enjoyed the beautiful evening and wonderful music! 
She is honestly the best live artist I've ever seen. There was no discrepancy between her album and her performance! Which is rare for an artist, especially today. Bravo Jillian! I was also nervous but dying to meet her after. To my utter joy, she was as sweet as her music. And not annoyed by my many tweets. 
Please ignore the ever-present epidemic of split-bang. 

Jill, and Johnny are on a special tour to raise awareness for the 10 Days Project. It challenges students (and anyone, really) to only drink water for 10 days starting October 10th. Money saved on drinks during these 10 days is going to be used to provide communities in Rwanda with clean water. 
It's a super idea, really.

So now I'm just in relapse after a wonderful weekend. Back to school, for 3 more weeks! I've got two tests tomorrow (Marketing and Finance) that I'm preparing for (but this blog is SO much more interesting). Wish me luck & Happy Monday! 


chloe said...

Hey Priya! Thanks for the nice comment - I like to hear from people who've read my blog regularly over time. It's good to know they're out there :) And, even better that you've started your own now!

Furthermore, Indian food is soooo good. I can never get enough of it. That & food from the Mediterranean....hummus sustains me. Memphis seems fun - I've wanted to go for quite some time now!

Priya said...
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Priya said...

I realize this is terrible blogiquette...to just now leave a note to say thanks Chloe! You were the first comment ever on my blog!! I love hummus as well and would definitely recommend a trip to Memphis if you ever get a chance, it's a fun city!

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