& this time tomorrow i will be in california!

     Technically. But traveling is so weird. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning we leave Helsinki to fly home, and we arrive in San Francisco at like 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. Which doesn't make any sense (insert traveling conspiracy theory here).

      Today before we flew to Helsinki we spent much of the day in Joensuu again with my mom's cousin Leena (thanks Leena)! Joensuu translates to "river's mouth" in Finnish. This is the city where my mom was born, lived her first year, and went to nursing school. Here's the river:
A few more pictures from today:
 Mom and her "chocolate piglet" (some crazy Finnish donut)
The cutest place ever where we had lunch! It was a building from 1896 that had been transformed into basically a mall for people to sell handmade stuff. Our suitcases are completely full so I didn't get anything, but I loved it!!
Later we had our coffee time in Leena's garden, and boy was it a beautiful day! It's finally Spring here in Finland and we're...leaving.

     I was so happy to make this trip. I haven't been to Finland since 2006 and what with becoming a real adult and everything, who knows when I'll have another chance (although there are SO many people & places to visit)! I loved getting to connect with family, including my mom and Carina. I've had a great time! Looking forward to hang out with some people at home too. NOT looking forward to that trip tomorrow. Although I have been saving the rest of Water For Elephants for the trip, which I can't wait to finish!! See you on the other side! 

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