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Hello all! I am reporting to you live from San Luis Obispo, CA where I am visiting two of my favorite friends, Katie and Stephanie. More on that hopefully, soon!

The countdown 'til I return to Nashville is down to T-4ish days. I feel like I still have so much left to do in California! This week has been packed but so, so fun. The kick-off was a BUSY Memorial Day! I like to consider summer bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day so happy summer everyone!!

My day started out with a hike at Mission Peak in Fremont. This hike is probably 4.5/5 stars for intense, but so worth it because of the spectacular view over the entire Bay.
 And I got to go with some of my favorite people! Win-win.
Next I met up with my dear friend Jacqui for a little Memorial Day BBQ, cabana club style.

You'll never guess who we met at the pool! Alana "Honey Boo-Boo Child" from Toddlers&Tiara's!
 Next we stopped by my very own Santa Clara's Central Park to see my favorite High School coaching pair (now trio) the Tompkin's. I hadn't seen Micah for over a year and it was crazy to see how grown up he has become! How adorable is he feeding the ducks his watermelon?
Great to see you guys!

I completed my day by watching The Bachelorette and eating copious amounts of patriotically sprinkled cookies. I could do an entire post about The Bachelorette, so I won't even start. Maybe when my life starts getting boring again!

Umm if Memorial Day is any indication of this summer...I'm excited. 

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