becoming a SLOcal

   I had an amazing time in SLO! Katie and Steph were excellent hostesses who packed a LOT into the 1.5 days I was there. Specifically they educated me on all the favorites of the locals, thus by the time I left Steph told me I was officially a “SLOcal”. Thank you both for such a great time! I love you guys!
   Thursday after I arrived we visited Firestone (gas station turned famous BBQ) for outstanding tri-tip sandwiches, then headed to Avila beach for a little sun and swingset (retrospect, tri-tip + swings = not the best decision).
   Katie headed to work and Steph and I decided to try out her new camera at Laguna Lake. I can’t even describe how massive and impressive that thing is! It makes my Rebel look like a baby rebel. Her lens cap is the size of a dinner plate! Slight exaggeration, but an awesome camera (fitting for her artsy fartsy photo majoring self). Oh you missed the pictures from the shoot? A summary shot.
I took it really seriously and then I got cold.
Also I found a root that looks like a mustache! So hip these days!

   Since I started working at Donut Den I have become somewhat of a donut connoisseur (read: snob) and naturally enjoy checking out other shops. Steph and Katie insisted on taking me to Sunshine Donuts, where “the milk tastes like they froze a cow and then got it”. Yes, the milk was magical, the donuts delicious (go for the Honey Dip!) and the little shop very cute. We actually visited both nights.   
   Another highlight of my trip was meeting up with my best friend from middle school, Colette (who also goes to Cal Poly). It was so fun catching up with her, we are still similar, and she reads my blog! Shout-out to you Colette, you rock!!
   Cal Poly has got to have one of the most hiking-friendly campus’ ever. I was so impressed and so mesmerized by how gorgeous the hills around the area are. Thursday we took a little walk
I also climbed this tree, which was harder than it looked, but I am also more stubborn that I look. Always a huge fan of Swiss Family Robinson and trees in general.
   Steph took me to the famous Cal Poly “Architects Graveyard” which is essentially an outdoor gallery of Cal Poly Senior architect majors projects. It is the weirdest, most interesting collection of architecture I have ever seen.
   Thursday evening we went to the famous SLO Farmer’s Market (just called “Farmers”) which is really more like a street-long fair with fresh produce, handmade goods, and plenty of places to eat!
   And here is the best photobomb ever. This picture was just supposed to be with Smokey. Note my Cal Poly sweatshirt that Steph got me at the bookstore, early birthday? I’m pumped (another note: Katie got me a Moleskine planner. And I dunno about you, but new planners make me really excited and this one is SO classy).
    Finally, Thursday night we went line-dancing at The Grad. Oh man, I had a wonderful time. I couldn’t really learn any of the dances and it was packed but the music and atmosphere was awesome. Listening to all that country got me very excited for the rest of my southern summer.

   Friday morning Katie & I drove back and look who was waiting for us at In-N-Out! I’ll cross that off my California list too.

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