The last of a long line

      Last Saturday was a really happy day in our house. My baby brothers, not babies anymore, graduated from High School! I honestly cannot say how proud I am of them both. We started attending the same school together when they were in 6th grade and I was in 9th, and since then, they have exploded into incredibly smart, talented, funny, handsome guys. I love that they have found their own thing to really excel in, whether it be more theater/music/choir or academics/sports/student life. Watching them enjoy these past few weeks of school and now graduate made my heart swell with love and admiration.

Congratulations Tarif & Amir, I love you! 



JenaeM said...

Amir has honored Gryfindor with winning the faculty cup!

Priya said...

Haha thats exactly what I was thinking. P.S. you totally left without saying bye to me :(

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