Most days, my life is a delicate balance of: trying to live in the moment and excitedly looking forward to something(s). Today is no different.

   I have 3 days (counting today) left of my internship! Have I accomplished everything I hoped to this summer? There are still several mugs I haven't used! 
   I have 1 day until I can move into my house officially. I am beyond excited. 
   I have 2 days before I leave for Mexico Beach, Florida, to attend Fran's wedding with Shel (Bachelorette party here). Nothing like one last road trip/beach trip/WEDDING to end the summer!
   I also have about 10 days until my big adventure to Charlotte, NC to meet up with my college-bound brother and mom. I just can't wait to hang out with them. I've missed my time with family this summer honestly more than I thought I would. 
   I have 6 days until school starts, and I have mixed feelings. On one end, I refuse to live in denial: I love school. I think it's because I enjoy the organized aspect of being a student, as well as the security and structure it brings. Especially after how fun but strange and unusual this summer felt. This year of college will by my most interesting, by far. But I think it will be fantastic. Oh, not to mention, it's my last year of college. Almost time to decide how to be an adult.
   So that means 6 days of summer left, ummm what? I feel like I still have so much I want to do! I found this article on Thought Catalog yesterday that perfectly summed up my feelings, especially number 35 on the "End-Of-Summer Checklist", "Looked forward to fall, to scarves and pumpkin everything, but felt already nostalgic about the summer that wasn't even over yet." Uh yeah I don't think I'm ready for it to be over.
   I want to suck all the marrow out of these last days of summer. I want to stay up LATE and not be exhausted and cranky, just groggy and whimsical. I want to lay outside and laugh at mosquitoes. I want to go on a looong walk. I want to wear minimal make-up, not do my hair, and feel summer-gorgeous. I want to feel the sun on my face, and the warm pavement smiling back up at me at night, and not turn it away For a few more days at least, until I'm lost in the abyss of academia once more. 
   While I'm wishing, I would like my own A6 that I can park on this beach.
2012 Audi A6
   In other news, I received my copy of The Happiness Project in the mail yesterday! Oh I love getting a new book. I plan to start reading it soon (probably like tonight at work ;) and would definitely like to keep a record of my thoughts on it. So, be excited for that. 
   Hope you're having a fantastic week, I would love to hear something that you are counting down to!


Nataly said...

How exciting that this is your last year!!! And I definitely know what you mean about the security and structure of being in school. After you graduate there's this stress and pressure to find a job and be a REAL adult! haha

Nautical Stripes said...

I might be a nerd, but since I graduated from grad school, I miss the back-to-school time! You are so close to graduating though so enjoy the time you have (even it's stressful!). Btw, let me know how that book is! I'm always looking for a new, interesting read!

Mindy at www.nauticalstripes.com

Priya said...

Nataly, omg, yes, that is totally on my mind. I'm about to change the name of my blog to nervously priya.

Priya said...

Thanks Mindy! Cheers to being a nerd and back-to-school! Such an exciting time!! I will def be posting about my book, I love it already.

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