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   I've been a huge old mess of crazy lately. Usually I am a chronic multi-tasker, constantly scribbling in my planner, able to balance everything, and I think I actually feel energized doing two or three or four things at once. 
   I don't usually have meltdowns, but when are do, they are pretty good. Yesterday afternoon I realized between the show and school being equally demanding, and trying to be a great sister, friend, and girlfriend, that I had so much to do I couldn't even remember it all. 
   What was really worrying me was a paper I had to write for my business class (aka, the hardest class ever but my Professor is so nice that I can't hate him). After trying incorrectly to work on it several times, I realized I had a haircut, rehearsal, and get-together I had planned before I could write the entire thing. 
    Lots of times I feel constantly stuck doing things I don't really want to do, and that stresses me out. Then I realize it's stupid and I could have real problems to worry about, and that upsets me too.

   Anyway...I'm not looking for sympathy, but I did want to be honest about what's been on my mind lately. Trying to balance it all, and still dress in things that inspire me!
    I knew I was going to be dead tired today after working on my paper til late and getting up early to finish it, so the main goal of this outfit was to keep me happy and looking put-together, even though I feel like I'm falling apart. 
 polo- Ralph Lauren c/o Dith, belt- Ann Taylor Loft, pants- Old Navy, shoes- Report c/o Carina
 This is a three cups of coffee, two day old hair, all-nighter paper, leave in the morning and come home at night, make up a Physics lab, eat spaghetti by yourself kinda day. But I was determined to not let my outfit show it! 
 Another potential name for my blog: perfectly I Want To Wear This, Is It Stylish? I mean, is this color blocking? I realize I JUST wore my new mint pants on my blog, but guess what, I just wore them again in real life too. Remixing is a blogging thing too, right? 
The polo was given to me by my darling Dith (who I got an email from this morning! Right in the nick of time!) when she cleaned out her closet one time. I can never decide if polos are waaaay too high school preppy to wear, but I still have a couple of them on hand. 
 These fabulous flats were given to me by my fabulous sister, who bought them a little small. I hadn't worn them much because they pinched my feet too, but I think I've finally broken them in! I mean, enough to wear to rehearsal tonight!
The main thing I learned today? Dressing in something I like and looking put-together made me feel put-together, even if sometimes the crazies are still there. 

Thank you all for your always kind comments! I look forward to catching up on your blogs too!


Ali W. said...

I love these colors together. Love your belt! I feel like animal print looks good with EVERYTHING lately!

Katherine said...

alli ever do is remix. and by that i mean i think my cambridge satchel has been on my blog like 30 times. or more. i decided to stop counting. i love these mint pants - and i love them with the orange too! i quit love color blocking, or as i call it, just wearing color. because when did just wearing one color ever happen?

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

Alexa said...

love the pants with the bright shirt <3 you rock those pants Priya! love love love em. I've definitely been seeing outfits with bright pants and bright shirts! i really need to take a risk and try it

Alexa <3

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