| headband: J.Crew | sweater: Urban | shirt: AE c/o Shel | pants: Old Navy | boots- c/o Carina |
For my whole life, I've always thought I would ultimately end up as either a teacher or an actress.

So there's that. Also, that last picture was Hunter's idea. He's getting quite crafty. These photos debut my brand-new headband from J.Crew, I'm a big fan. Also debuting my giant sagging sweater elbow, don't you hate that? I've been wearing lots of things on my head lately, it's just so stylish. True confessions: my hair is just dirty. 

I've got a list about a page long of things to do before I leave tomorrow afternoon (varying levels of urgency: "find a ride to the airport", "tell housies to never set the thermostat to 75 degrees again") so that's a little panick-y, but I have a feeling when I'm on my plane tomorrow, sitting next to my favorite guy in the world (assuming our seats our together! Oh my gosh. What a terrible thought.) everything will be quite alright. Better than alright, I am ecstatic.

Have I ranted about how much I hate planes and flying before? I used to get really airsick when I was little, now it just makes me feel restless and dehydrated. SO, besides having Hunter at my house for Thanksgiving, I am quite excited to travel with him. Now I won't have to gaze menacingly at other cute couples traveling together for the holidays, because that is ME! 

What are your plans for this Thanksgiving? Going home or crashing a friend's house? I've totally been both of those (although, not home for FOUR years)!


Katherine said...

people will almost always switch seats with a couple. at least i always do. i gave up a window seat for a couple with two middle seats once and the people around me were all really weirded out that i would do that. and seriously, i'm tiny, so middle seats are fine with me, and i also like sitting with my husband and would want someone to do the same. karma, right? so i hope if it happens you aren't together, someone will switch. i've ridden southwest lately and that's always an ordeal since there are not assigned seating - it's kind of nerve wrecking and exhilarating at the same time. and 75 degrees is WAY too warm to have a non heart attack giving heat bill! Mine's at 65 ^_^. oh and your outfit! (i tend to get distracted writing comments) i really love that headband - i can never figure out how to wear those well and yours looks perfect on you with the bright color and your dark hair. and chambray + chunky knit = fall perfection for sure

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Elana said...

Okay, so I just caught up on your last couple of posts and you have been KILLING it in these last two outfits. I'm in love with this whole look, especially that headband. I could never, ever pull that off without looking crazy and it just looks amaaaazing on you. You look like you just stepped out of a J. Crew catalogue in this, for real!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I am in love with your headband lately - something I could never pull off, but you are beyond adorbs, pretty lady!
Happy holidays, and safe travels!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm loving your headband Priya!!! It is that perfect pop of color in todays cute outfit. I hope you have a safe flight and have a blast for Thanksgiving!


Elly said...

I've been obsessing over hats and headbands recently! They look super chic and do wonders for a bad hair day. :) Yours looks super cozy, and I love how it adds a bold pop of color! The sweater is also great and looks perfect for fall!


Alexa said...

you look fabulous Priya <3 love your shirt. I wear mine all the time! i hope you had a great thanksgiving and found some good deals!

Alexa <3

Applewood Road said...

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I haven't been able to make it home in the past 4 years either, next year turkey will be mine!!

Unknown said...

Ahh the headband! It looks great on you! The color is beautiful and it looks great with bangs. I've been obsessing over hats and headbands too. They are just so fun and apparently they are practical in the winter too :)

xo Jenny

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