school colors

Every now and then I get dressed and then groan a few hours later when I realize I'm wearing our schools colors, purple and gold.
Especially when it's "Bison Week" to kick-off basketball.
And I'm giving my sister a tour of the campus. 
 sweater- J.Crew c/o Carina, scarf- Mom, t-shirt- Urban, cords- F21, boots- Breckelles via Amazon
Monday morning I felt especially brain-dead, but I couldn't help but feel excited for the cooler fall weather that has still been sporadic in Nashville. 
Which results in a sweater (duh) and t-shirt (duh) and then when I remember I have a scarf that matches my t-shirt, that works nicely. 

I figured I would spend a lot of time this week relaxing, cooking, working, and reading blogs.
Then I remembered, oh yeah, I'm a student (although barely the past week) so that's what I'm doing! 
Thanksgiving break looms in the distance...

and can not come any sooner!!

Oh, and my friend Dave was looking sharp.
He deserves a mini outfit-shoutout. 


Katherine said...

i love your school colors then! and you look great in them. those boots are so cute. and its awesome that your freinds backpack matches his shirt like that

<3 katherine

Priya said...

haha he will be beyond thrilled that you said that! because that's what he was going for! Well, making fun of me, and doing that!

Unknown said...

I love the yellow and gold combo!

Sophisticated Lace

Alexa said...

rocking the school colors Priya <3 love the scarf so much and the color combo is perfect!

Alexa <3

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