a couple things

i really have zero or possibly negative excuse to be dramatic about finals right now. 
i've only had two real ones, which puts me at half-way done.
and still...i'm not wearing real clothes, doing my hair, sleeping at normal hours, etc. 
what can i say?
it's my second to last finals! (and i've always kinda enjoyed finals in the first place, shhh)
for those of you out there really studying your butt off and hating life, i feel for you!
i'm living the good life. i have not one, but TWO days in my planner with nothing in them, which hasn't happened since, ever. 

while i'm wearing sweats, i'd like to take this opportunity to chronicle some events and pictures that haven't made it up here yet, but i don't want to forget.

back in September
(forgive me)
we celebrated
<-- Brynn's birthday
with cupcakes -->
doesn't Hunter have cute fingers?IMG_0189
and we celebrated being housies with a family picture (complete with Mr. Wizard)
oh my gosh i haven't even written about Mr. Wizard ever. that's because we've been repairing our relationship. but i promise there are plenty of pictures!

i could do a whole post called "weird things that have happened during outfit pictures"
and this one is about the time where i realized "hey! this is exactly what katy perry was talking about, feeling like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind..." thought you might appreciate.

then this one time i was going to study for a test all afternoon...and we went to Sonic for ice cream sundaes instead.
this picture isn't the greatest, but i want to capture the instance of ice cream > studying
& no regrets.

right before Thanksgiving i won a Mary Kay "Queen For A Day" package where i got my make-up done AND a paraffin wax (but i could NOT sit still for that long)
my friends all got facials, but i'll save those pictures because they might not like that too much!
here's my cute friend katie.

some of life's greatest adventures. regularly scheduled programming with commence shortly (i'm working on a post called "Ho-Ho-Holidays") thanks for reading!


Elana said...

I love catching up on your life, Priya! I feel like we've both been too busy to talk (or comment, whatever you want to call it) regularly so I feel like I miss you! But this was a great way to catch up and see that you've been doing and look fabulous as usual!

Ali W. said...

So darling Priya! It looks like you have had so much fun lately. You have such a fun group of friends! I am jealous! I miss the college friend life! I would totally ditch studying and get ice cream too. Finals are THE WORST. The best feeling is being completely done :) Good luck on the rest of yours! I know you'll do awesome :)

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