earrings - F21, dress- vintage, sweater- J.Crew c/o Carina, tights- Nordy's Rack, shoes- Target

Last night my friend Andrea threw a surprise party for her boyfriend, Ethan. We have a special bond because we’re both girlfriends of engineers. As I watched the soiree unfold, it got me to thinking about the inevitable stages of any surprise party (all of which I witnessed first-hand.)
1.                    The invitation, where you emphasize it’s a SURPRISE and invite everyone to come at least 30 minutes earlier than the guest of honor, though some people will still be late, guaranteed. [received on Sunday]
2.                    The time before the party, where the host makes excuses to the guest of honor about why they can’t hang out, and simultaneously makes plans for them to be “doing” something, which culminates in them coming to the party. [Andrea made plans to “baby-sit” and have Ethan’s friends bring him to the house]
3.                    The week before the party when you (the invited guest) avoid the guest of honor AT ALL COSTS because you will ABSOLUTELY say “Oh my gosh Ethan I am so excited for your party!” [me. Maybe this is just me.]
4.                    The party! The host is incredibly stressed because there is a fabulous chance the guest of honor will have figured it out by now. Host is in constant contact with assisting friends.
5.                    The false alarms. Anywhere from 5-10 people will say “He’s here!” When he’s not, in fact, here. [Ok this was definitely me because I just couldn’t resist.]
6.                    Guest of honor arrives! Other guests scrutinize their reaction. Was he really surprised? [All I know is that if I ever have a surprise party, there will be screaming and throwing-up. I hate surprises]
7.                    The guest of honor cries because they have THE best friends EVER. [Or maybe this was just my mom on her surprise 40th]
8.                    The aftermath trial, where guests ask the guest of honor, “Did you figure it out?! Were you actually surprised?” Some guests also apologize for avoiding the guest of honor all week. [Me.]

Oh yeah, this is what I wore to the party. Not the terrible offense of split-bang, just the outfit. 


Larissa said...

This outfit is lovely! I love the dress and it fits perfectly with the yellow sweater!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahahahha this is SOO true! I remember having the same things happen when I tried to plan a surprise party for my friends. They ALWAYS figured it out though :(

You look very cute in this outfit! I'm really liking the blue and yellow color combo!


Unknown said...

You look great! The yellow and blue are so vibrant and complementary to each other. I like how you tied up the sweater too :) For my dad's 50th surprise party a couple years ago, my phone may have rang 3 seconds before my dad walked through the door during that whole be quiet part. I came 3 seconds away from ruining the surprise, but didn't!

xo Jenny

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