NYR check January

picture from my first Nashville snow day in 2010

(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:

1. Ride my bike more. [pleased to say I HAVE been doing this, even in the frigid weather. Like last night, for example, to my night class]

2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [YES I sent her a January card, with a Valentine in the works]

3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [Shelby AND Dith had birthdays, I was there. I could stand to do a little something more for them though. Maybe on their half-birthday.]

4. Read a book every month. [ehh I am way behind in The Fountainhead BUT I am really starting to get into it so that's a good thing]

5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [I bought a few things at my favorite vintage store in Nashville because they had a huge sale last weekend. Otherwise, I have a Goodwill bag that's been sitting at my house that I WILL take this weekend. Also I'd like to go through the stuff in my basement. Also, I should add to this resolution my current financial plan: my tip money is my spending money, {includes food, clothes, fun, etc.} so my paychecks go into my account, never to be seen again {for rent, Europe, and getting a car}]

6. Be confident. [I can always work on this one. I would really like to challenge myself on this one this month. I need a new affirmation, maybe "Bow to the queen"]

In other news: It snowed last night. It's beautiful and freezing. My bangs are so long I can barely see. It's Friday but I am literally working all weekend so, that's not much of a "weekend". Thanks for reading friends! I hope your weekend is warm and cozy and have some extra fun for me please! 


Larissa said...

I like points 5 and 6- I also buy so many things that i do not "need" (but then what do you acutally need?? And don't you also "need" just the happy feeling of just buying something sometimes ;)???) and I also need to be more confident... especially here in the US where I am afraid of speaking up in class because of my language etc.

Good luck with your list! Keep me updates how it goes :)

Have a great weekend!


Elly said...

I am in serious need of some #5! Somehow I always find myself buying things that I don't really need and then regretting it later. And then I always miss the return date or return it only to buy something else that I don't need. And it's taken me a while to get back to you, but yes! I am from Nor Cal! I live in San Jose right now. :)


Instant Milk said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my hair! I am actually thinking about getting a haircut! I want to cut it short until my chest bones! What do you think? haha It's a little scary!

Unknown said...

Hi Pri, I've been trying to get rid of one bag of stuff a week for the whole month, whether that's paperwork, clothes, books, etc. It has been working out well. Hopefully will help with the (possible) post-college move (countdown t-5 months!). Also, did you finish 3 Cups Of Tea? I haven't yet, but have any suggestions for some fun novels to read?

Priya said...

Firstieee! It warms my heart to see your comments on my blog. I am seriously impressed by your purging plan! I figure if I can do one bag a month, that's great. T-3 months for me, not to brag ;) I didn't actually start 3 Cups since Rachel gave me The Fountainhead. Otherwise, I've got a few waiting for next month, including Quitter by Jon Acuff and some book by Francine Rivers from my mom.

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