post-bowl reflections

Ok. Here's all I have to say about Sunday:
It was a great game, though it did end in disappointment. Next year. #ninersforever
BEYONCE. Don't even get me started.
I cried (only a little, during "Halo")
but I was squealing the whole time.

She's coming to Nashville July 13th.
Soo...wasn't sure where I'd be in July before I heard that, 
but now I will be there. 
Hunter is considering combining Valentine's Day + my birthday...let's hear it for the boy! 
I almost lost my mind during the Halftime show preview,
so seeing her in concert will probably be life-changing. 

Lastly, enjoy this picture of little me and some 49ers cheerleaders:Untitled
the story here is that I read my quota of books from the library over the summer,
so I got to have "Lunch With The 49ers!"
bookwormin', ftw.

another consolation is that we did look really cute in our sweatshirts:Untitled

and I won these!
with the trivia Q: "What is the brand of jeans that Beyonce sings about in 'Single Ladies'?"
A: Dereon!

So, I appreciate your condolences, but all is not lost over here.
Actually feeling pretty good because I got some hw done BEFORE blogging today.
Guys, this is a big deal.
Best Wednesday wishes to you!



Nataly said...

I saw on twitter about your boy + beyonce tickets! Oh what a keeper! I hope you get to go! I, unfortunately (or not to unfortunately) missed anything to do with the super bowl. Hehe I'm not much of a sports fan woops but I heard GREAT things about beyonce. We all know that girl is a goddess. Anyways, you and your boy look so good in those sweaters, you guys r really sweet together.

P.S. I l o v e receiving ur comments. They're the best.


Larissa said...

Hey! I was also disappointed by the superbowl because the wrong team won. I didnt know anything about the teams but one of my friends was really for the niners so I decided that I also want them to win. Too bad :(
Yeah, my fiancé is coming in TEN days! I am so exited :)
He will stay here for six weeks because there is semester break in Germany.


Katherine said...

Looks like a fun time - I don't watch the super bowl, but your 49ers get ups are so much fun!

<3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

Miss Z said...

Hello dear! I love your blog!
I think we should follow each other! What do you say ?

Chidiogo Maxwell said...

gorgeous pics :).

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