bows & throws

earrings- flea market, sweater- thrifted, dress- UO, tights- Nordy's Rack, shoes- UO

the "throws" I'm refering to in the title are the "throws of life"

photos by Brynn Watkins of b e i n g/E L L I O T T

Maybe I'm dramatic, (yes), but this day started out sub-par.

Then the first thing that happened this morning: I strolled up to Belmont Blvd to catch the bus as it went by. I can hardly catch the bus when I try to, so this is a huge deal.

The second thing that happened this morning: I got free coffee. Coffee for free is WINNING in my book.

The third thing that happened this morning: I decided to buy Hunter (and me?) tickets to see Aziz Ansari for his birthday. Don't worry, I already told him so this won't ruin any surprises when he reads this (hi Huntee!). This continues our unspoken tradition of "only seeing Indian comedians" (after seeing Russell Peters over Thanksgiving).

And now I'm settling in with a (FREE) Coke and a cupcake, for a long night of studying Business Law. This post was supposed to go up hours ago, soooo sorry about that.

Note on the outfit: I have not worn these shoes in FORever, they're the cutest, just not super comfy (then again, like cute shoes are ever about comfort). I also adore these earrings I'm wearing (shoot...just take my word for it) flea market vintage earrings are THE best! As for the rest of the ensemble, I've been wearing tops/sweaters tied over my dress waaay too much. But it's so easy and makes me feel like I'm wearing new clothes!

I don't know if you can tell, but my hair is somewhat curled after using the "Friar Tuck" method (via AunieSauce, basically, curling your hair without heat). Mostly it just looks like its' usual set of crazy. This is my hair texture...sigh. I've been experimenting with it though, and I haven't worn it overnight yet. I'm actually having fun wearing it in "Friar Tuck" mode...I'll get a picture up eventually so you can tell me if it's cool or just cray.

Hope everyone is having a nice week! Nearly Thursday, good gracious.


Tea Journal said...

Way cute! The first thing I noticed about your look was your hair. Love it! It has so much body!

Nataly said...

This is my one of my favorite outfits of yours!! SO CUTE!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You are looking cute as always, and those shoes! Oh so cute! Sorry they are not comfy though (but like you say, cute shoes are never comfy). Score on the free coffee, coke, and cupcakes!


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

You are darling my dear! Yay for FREE! And I am loving how you tied your shirt - must recreate!


The Braided Bandit said...

I love the t-straps, bummer that they're not the comfiest though! Your bow skirt is super cute too, glad your day took a little turn for the better!
xo Hannah

Elana said...

This skirt is adorable and I am OBSESSED with these flats! I'e been wanting a pair of t-strap flats forever, these are just perfect. Also, free coffee? Aziz Ansari? I want your life.

Kristian said...

This day sounds like the oppostive of sub-par. It sounds over-par :)

You look cute in this laid-back look.


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