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Happy friday y'all!

It has come to my attention that several of my dear friends have recently entered/exploded into the blogging world, and I felt it my duty to do a little spotlight!

If you're looking for some new reads, check them out! I promise they won't let you down!

follow for: new music, minimalistic insight, traveling adventures, and things you've never thought about 

follow for: Great Danes, great recipes, vintage love, design inspiration, and pics of the best hipster evs

follow for: new fashion, old-fashioned, Nashville & NY love, collabs and interviews

Jord & Kay/Twenty Somethings
Picture 4
follow for: funny and brilliant poems/stories by funny and brilliant people (and tweeters!)

Picture 6
follow for: beautiful photography, encouragement, and pictures from my favorite professor's daughter! 

Show them some bloggy love and encouragement like I hope to do!
This has been fun, I might try and do this again! 

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Trace Carlson said...

Dear lord, I forgot about these photos. Good times indeed. Thanks for the spotlight Priya!

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