growing pains

earrings- flea market, shirt- c/o Carina, vest- from my Dad, jeans- F21, booties- Target

Have I already mentioned that I'm growing my bangs out and that it sucks?
(I actually think I've written that exact phrase on my blog).
My goal is to look like Catherine, from The Bachelor
(so glad she won! #asiangirlsforasiangirls)
but I just feel like an awkward middle schooler. 
I suppose it's just the in-between, growing out phase.

You read it right, this vest used to be my Dad's.
My mom shrunk it in the wash over Christmas, and I took it as an opportunity.
Still wearing my bootie wedges as much as possible,
and rocking my flea market earrings that are still going strong, some 6 years after I bought them!

The weather in Nashville has been fluctuating rapidly,
case in point: yesterday morning it was 34 degrees, by the afternoon it was 75.
So, I don't know exactly how to dress these days.
This outfit is still in the remnant of winter fashion!
Who's ready for Spring?


Unknown said...

I am so ready for spring, but every time it snows (which has been often) I'm reminded that, ten years ago, April got three feet of snow here. So... trying not to get my hopes up! Ha ha. And this outfit is so cute! Cheers to shrinking clothing (well, only when it shrinks in your favor)!

Elana said...

Priya, these photos are GORGEOUS. Seriously, you look amazing in them. I love that this is your dad's vest! Talk about creativity. Hope you're having a fun trip!

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