seeing spots

necklace- Tiffany's, sweater- Old Navy, belt- Amanda's? skirt- Anthro, socks- Madewell, boots- Rackroom Shoes

Remember how I said Wednesday was crazy?
Scratch that.
This whole week was insane.
Between the schoolwork, lack of sleep, trying to see friends, and work, 
I didn't have a chance to get these pictures up! 
I also didn't have many chances to wear real clothing,
but when I did, I forced myself into Spring wear, even if it was rainy and/or cold!

A couple notes on this outfit:
I only have two items from Anthro, and they are both corduroy, go figure.
Loved wearing my NEW sweater from Old Navy! Such a steal!
Otherwise...sock bun...standard.

This weekend is absolutely beautiful,
after work this morning, I met Hunter, Shelby, and Taylor at the park with a salsa trio and cheese dip.
We sat across from a superhero party, complete with Batman and Superman. 
It was the first really warm afternoon of the year, and made me SO excited for the summer to come.
Graduation and summer seems closer than ever 
(graduation is a month from Thursday!).
Also I have secured a cap and gown, so I actually feel like I'm going to graduate!

Right at this moment though, I'm excited to spend the evening NOT working
(as I've worked the past two Saturday evenings).
So my evening will include: NCAA basketball, maybe spaghetti, a nap, and some friends! 
Hope you all are enjoying a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading! 


Nataly said...

oh my goodness, Priya, i can't believe you're graduating!! that is very very exciting news! are you staying in TN or coming back to CA after?? anyways, i'm loving this sweater because i have a weekness for polka dots. and i hope your upcoming weeks aren't as insane! can't wait to hanggg once you come back to sunny CA!

Elly said...

Obsessed with the sweater! The polka dots are too cute. :) And I love Antropologie! Their cords are amazing so no one can blame you. :) Haha I seem to have no saving abilities so I haven't gotten anything from there yet, but I'll make sure that changes in the future!


Elana said...

I think this is one of my favorites of yours, Priya! You know how I am with polka dots, so naturally I love this sweater. And I love it even more that you paired it with a yellow skirt! So cute. Good luck surviving your last semester!

Lauren said...

You look so pretty dear! I love that polka dot sweater and especially that you paired it with that lovely coloured skirt! Great look xo

Katherine said...

Haha watchinga super hero party sounds fun. I'm assuming ynow you meant like a kids birthday party but I imagined a party of super heros! I love the skirt with the grey/aqua top - such great colors together

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