May: a blogiatus

Well hello, everybody. The month of May was not an intentionial blogiatus, but definitely a legit one!

I can pretty much summarize what I did in one sentence: graduated, worked my butt off so I could take a month off, and squeezed in house stuff when I wasn't working.

I am absolutely tickled that several people have asked if I was ever going to start blogging again! You care! Notably, my sweet Finnish grandmother who has discovered Google Translate (Hei Mummo! Kiitos, etta seuraat blogiani!). Wellll I'm baaack and taking a month in beautiful California to go to some weddings, (not my own), go on a little cruise, and enjoy some of the best people I know.

But before I get into that, here are some other things that May did for me (all via my iPhone):
Clyde- my new roommate. This is my reference picture for everyone. Alex Hatcher is over 6 feet tall.Untitled
Graduation- did you notice I seem more educated and distinguished and snooty? Well this happened.Untitled
Betty- I got a car. Without getting obnoxious, I will say, I am VERY excited. She's a doll.Untitled
Cleveland- aka Betty's maiden voyage. We saw Aziz Ansari and our pal Mike Z! Oh, and all of Ohio.Untitled
IKEA- Literally the next day I took Betty to Atlanta to get myself a bed, dresser, and some straws.Untitled
Church- I made this one Sunday. And it's not a big deal but I'm just not artistic so I'm pleased ok?!Untitled
Sundar- had a birthday! But now he's in Virginia and being home without him is not nearly as fun.Untitled
Friends- thankful to see many of my dear friends this month. Including this pumpkin.
Could it be that I AM BECOMING A DOG PERSON?! Hmm...Untitled
Friends- just doing Memorial Day thangz.
Percy- I'm somewhat embarrassed to show this (note- NOT a stuffed animal person) but this is how I found him one morning. Desperate to escape! (Also, sneaky peak of my house #1)Untitled
Sneaky Peak #2- my refurbished desk! Thank you's to ThriftSmart, Home Depot, and World Market. And Huntee. Several of you will see yourself looking back from this picture!Untitled
Mmrs- went through my old phones before I donated them to soliders and found this precious picture. 

That's all for now folks, good to be back and equally good to be in June! Thanks for reading!!


Elana said...

Yay, so happy to have you back! Congrats on graduating AND the car! Gosh, you just have too much stuff to celebrate right now, don't you? :P

Also, YES. Definitely let me know if/when you're in LA! Hopefully Nataly and I can see you!!!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Congrats on the whole graduation & getting a new car thing! Pretty freaking exciting stuff lady!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Welcome back!!!! We all missed you very much! Looks like you have had an amazing month, congrats on graduating!!! So exciting!! And your new car is definitely adorable!


Larissa said...

This looks like such a great week! I am very happy that you got a new car and went to Ohio. Too bad that I wasn't there any more :)
I got a new bicycle, which is also cool but of course not comparable with a car, haha. But here in Germany most students drive the bicycle and the public transportation and noone has a car. I am sure I will make a post with my new bike soon ;)


Karen said...

OH MY GOSH!!! How I've missed you!!!! Congratulations on graduating!!!!!

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