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earrings- Wish (Memphis), scarf- made from sari, bracelet- found, dress- UO c/o Carina, flats- H&M
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Summer, and specifically summer fashion in Nashville, means one thing:
simple, light, and very light layers- if you dare.
Simple is definitely chic- but sometimes it feels boring to me! 
Layers are definitely the way to add spice to a look
but not worth a sweat-induced coma in the muggy 90+ degree days! 

I was very excited to try my hand at some handmade projects (sewing for the first time!)
while home with my Mom, and here's the fruits of my labor!
Mom had a bag full of old saris (aka beautiful fabric), and I selected several to transform into scarves and skirts! We didn't get a whole lot done this trip since someone had to rendezvouz to Finland...
but I was especially pleased with how this turned out 
(not a real serious DIY...I get it. But if you only knew how craftily challenged I am).  

Here's my first set of pictures in my new neighborhood and front yard!
East Nashville has some super awesome and unique backdrops for outfit pictures to come...
and about a million cool places I've only started exploring this week! 
Definitely making a mental list for pictures as I run/bike around!
I'm also excited to share some pictures of my new house that I'm still working to set up!
On that note- I'm off to get some frames ready for my room. 

One last thing:
I finally have a button!
Another super simple DIY that took me for a spin.
I would love to button swap with anyone interested! Hit me up at priyaannpappu@gmail.com!
Talk to you soon! 


Larissa said...

I love this scarf! I love sari- fabrics (most of them :)) so how could I not love the scarf :)?
Your button looks great! I wonder how to make those... J. wanted to look at those things in his semesterbreak so maybe I will have a button towards the end of the summer and then we can button each others buttons on our blogs ;)!?!?

Lots of love!

Marisa Noelle said...

This is the perfect way to do simple! I love that scarf & how it really pops against the lovely dress. You are stunning Priya!

Alexa said...

IN LOVE WITH YOUR TITLE LOL <3 this is such a cute outfit and the scarf is so unique and fun! I hope you're having a great summer Priya :) thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog! youre' the best

Alexa <3

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Best blog post title EVER! And yay for some fun easy sewing projects (the only kind I can do!)
Congrats on your blog button too - you can come over and share it on my site anytime!
Enter my $50 J.Crew giftcard giveaway!

Elana said...

This is SO cute, Priya! You know how I love easy, simple outfits for summer. And for always. This dress is perfect and so is the "scarf." Uh, favorite post title ever? I think yes.

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