weekend update(s): pre-cruise blues and June gloom

So I've pretty much been in transit since you last heard from me.

I drove to LA, went on a cruise, stopped back in LA, flew back to the Bay Area, and then back to Nashville, where I'm reporting from now! Yeah, that about covers it all.

Here's what went down the weekend before Galina and I left for our cruise:
IMG_2402 IMG_2405
Photographic evidence of my first DryBar experience...omg.
More importantly, got to attend the sweet wedding of my friends Michael & Amanda.
It was BEAutiful! Congrats you guys!

Pit-stopped on the way to LA to see this adorable family in SLO.
IMG_2420 (some of those adorable family members are my own)
I hadn't seen Ann & Corban together since I was at their wedding, and I hadn't seen Ann since David's baby shower (David is the 5-year-old)!
And as we all know, any day I get to hold a baby is a good day for me!

Spent 3ish days in LA, before and after our cruise.
So good getting to hang out with 3/4 of my brothers.

And of course, Santa Monica is always a highlight!
A note on the title: LA was pretty overcast while we were there, which the locals refer to as "June gloom", yet another thing I learned this month!

This weekend concluded my month long staycation in CA, along with, of course, theeee cruise!
(Stay tuned to learn about our adventures with sea-sickness patches and glamorous side-effects).

One more thing: Hannah gave me a shout-out on her Friday Favorites! Be sure and check it out here!
And last thing I promise: as we all know, Google Reader is DONEZO! I'd love for you to follow perfectly PRIYA on Bloglovin!

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Kelly said...

Wow it looks like you had a wonderful time!! Boo for visiting LA during June gloom. Hopefully next time it will be sunny for you!!

I love that floppy hat you are wearing at the beach!
And that wedding looks too cute!!

<3 Kelly | The Patch Diaries

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