weekend update: Memphis mems

Hey everyone! I'm back in Nashville after a fabulous weekend road-trip with two of my best friends. I couldn't help but realize the last time I went to Memphis was right when I started my blog (second post EVER) so of course that made me feel pretty reflective and emotional.

There's nothing like a weekend away to make you feel adventurous, inspired, and ok with being back in normal life. Meredith, Amanda, and I have been all over this summer so it was so wonderful to just hang with both of them.
 photo IMG_2728_zpse8cddcf4.jpg
 photo IMG_2732_zpscd60d6a1.jpg
Dith's house is located in West Tennessee, truly one of the prettiest places of anyone I know!
 photo IMG_2760_zps2d876dbb.jpg
Perpetual perk of Memphis: Dith's mom, Beth, is THE most phenomenal cook (and really, hostess). Here's what we had for dinner one night. Not pictured from the weekend: Grandma Lois' Mac n' Cheese, salmon, gorgeous salads, squash casserole that could end a war and deviled eggs that even the devil himself would not be able to resist. 

I realize I never got a picture with both of Dith's sweet parents, Beth and Travis. These are two people that make me feel so comfortable and loved when I'm across the country from my own family, and always have these past four years. Thank you both! I love you guys!
 photo IMG_2742_zps5de797fd.jpg
Another highlight of my trip: a stop at Jerry's Sno Cones, post afternoon of tax-free shopping!
 photo IMG_2744_zps6e5ff679.jpg
A Memphis original, Jerry's Sno Cones are really delicacies made of soft-serve layered with Sno Cones
 photo IMG_2750_zps6cfb9acc.jpg
aka the best Sno Cone I have ever had, and atop my list of dessert favs.
 photo IMG_2752_zps40215c41.jpg
 photo IMG_2753_zps1ac7ceb2.jpg
We ate ours in the back of Dith's car, in what couldn't have been more quintessentially summer!
 photo IMG_2794_zps65a46088.jpg
Now for the real reason for the trip: Dith & Beth entered in a Triathlon!
We had a real early wake-up call, but the park was so so beautiful.
 photo IMG_2766_zps1dc2c912.jpg
Not to mention our superstars crushed it!
Above: Beth about to dive in (she is the ultra-intimidating one in the JCPenney suit in a sea of Ironmen/women in speed suits).
 photo IMG_2788_zps5acc89d8.jpg
Next, Dith, mid-22 MILE bike ride. I could not have captured this emotion better.
 photo IMG_2809_zps2eca6d55.jpg
Finally, Dith at the end of a 4 mile run.
 photo IMG_2813_zps47f2f89c.jpg
Team McFarlin for the win!!!

Another fabulous weekend walking in Memphis (I cannot help myself) in the books. Thanks friends!

I'm off to catch the season finale of The Bachelorette! I'm totally Team Chris, who's with me?!


Alexa said...

Aww im glad you had fun <3 sometimes the little trips are the best ones! Have an awesome week Priya

Alexa <3

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaaawww it looks like you had the most amazing time!! That is so awesome that you got to spend some quality time with your friends, I'm so happy for you!

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