snapshots of the week(S), volume IV

too many "moments for life" lately that I don't want to forget about! I'm a happy girl.
(clockwise) 1. andrea's cute parents as ketchup and mustard
2. confetti cannons at my first all-staff meeting
3. Huntee and his girl Em at our best friend's +1 dinner
4. Imma let you finish, but my sister Carina sent me the best sweatshirt of all time.
5. enjoying gumbo and wonderful friends at the Robleto's! 
6. that one time I let Clyde sleep on my bed
7. the most wonderful TN earrings from Pangaea
8. me and Huntee in the Nashville Scene, nbd
9. the best moment of my life, on Halloween night
10. touristly pri at Tennessee's Bicentennial Mall
11. BlogNashville ladies at the Ryman during our tour of the city! 

I love Snapshots of the Week, you can view the rest of mine here.

Happy Weekend to all! Catch up with you soon. 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Oh my goodness, you have SUCH a huge dog! I bet he was happy to sleep in your big 'ol bed! :)

The ketchup and mustard costumes are hilarious!
Exploring My Style

Larissa said...

I love your snapshots of the week! If my week would have been that exiting I would make another 'my week' post too ;) Maybe next week will be more interesting, as we have a holiday on Wednesday and I will be able to do something different from sitting in front of the computer in the office ;)
Enjoy your Sunday!!
Lots of love!

Andrea Fer said...

I spy Mother & Father dearest a.k.a Mustard and Ketchup on here TWICE they will be thrilled!! HAH! Such swell times! I love it!!! Great post Pri! Keep t up, you should hurry and decorate your workspace and put it on here too, I want to seeeee!!!!

Andrea Fer

Alissa said...

That sweatshirt is ADORABLE! Also, you have confetti cannons? HIRE ME PLEASE!

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